Our Friend, Richard Szabo

We cannot thank Team Schlopy enough for your services in marketing and selling our Condo in Park City, UT. When we first noted that there would be 4 or more people active on Team Schlopy we had our doubts on your services. However, our fears were allayed as the process unfolded. Your communication and coordination was outstanding.

Thank you for all you guys do on each and every assignment- accuracy, timely, and focused delivery.

With warm regards,

Sylvia and Hal Parmelee
Park City, UT

I would just like to thank Team Schlopy at Coldwell Banking for their utmost professionalism and care in selling my home and also buying a new home. My Agent Bobbi Wilkerson has been so reassuring during this process of selling and buying, this is a huge step and I so appreciate her knowledge of the real estate market, she always keeps me informed of potential buyers and what’s going on. I would recommend her to anyone in the market of selling or buying a home. Call them you be glad you did!

Shauna W.
Heber City, UT

I can’t say enough about the professional service associated with Team Schlopy. Every aspect of the process was first rate. We would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in buying or selling in Park City.

David Osterman

Pennington, NJ

We had a wonderful experience with Team Schlopy selling our home in Old Town. The team was very professional and organized and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Mike & Erin Ruzek

Park City, UT

We really appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness in all our interactions so far. We will be happy to recommend you to anyone interested in a property in the area.

Binita Narang

Berkley Heights, NJ

Team Schlopy is the greatest! You always called with information, whether it was requests to show the house, documents to review and sign, or just to check and see how we were doing. We will continue to sing your praises and recommend you and your team to all our friends and neighbors.

Barbara and Bill Miano

Park City, UT

Triple Success with Team Schlopy! In 1997 we moved to Park City and had to find a new home for our young family. After searching in vain and getting frustrated we were referred to Marny and Kent Schlopy. Marny took us under her wing and found us an ideal home in Ranch Place where we lived happily for 17 years raising our two sons. We kept in touch and in 2013 with both boys in college we were considering a change, so of course we called Team Schlopy! Kevin Crockett took us on what was just supposed to be a quick look at what was available – and we bought a wonderful townhome the same day! Of course we now had to sell our house; Marny came over and gave us great advice on ways to improve our home that really paid off. We sold our home to a great family within a month! We recommend Team Schlopy completely due to their unparalleled experience, intimate knowledge of the market and because they’re a great family we’ve grown to know and love. You can’t go wrong with Team Schlopy!

Perry and Marcy Needham

Park City, UT

We’ve worked with Team Schlopy for over 10 years and their focus on customer satisfaction has been evident in our interactions with everyone on the team. We were initially drawn to Kent, because we could tell he treated every customer as if they were the most important customer! We’ve now dealt with many members of the team and the customer service always remains top notch!”

Greg and Katie Wiest

La Jolla, CA

My wife and I are California residents that decided on a “whim” we’d like to purchase a second home in Park City. We contacted Marny Schlopy via the internet, and she proceeded to email listings, as well as information we needed to understand the market. She and her team were always responsive to our questions, and needs. Marny actually picked us up at the Deer Valley ski lift after a full day of skiing to show us houses (actually twice). Marny and her team were extremely knowledgeable about all areas in Park City. Throughout the escrow period they kept us informed, and assisted in getting the deal closed on time. Being extremely professional as well as personal and accommodating made dealing with them a pleasure. We cannot imagine that there is a better realtor, or team anywhere in the area than Marny, and Team Schlopy.

Rich and Cheryl Gale

San Juan Capistrano, CA

I am very happy with the Heber townhouse I purchased with Team Schlopy’s help. It’s rented now and I will get my first rent check shortly. Hoohah! Thanks for looking out for me.

Mary Ann Thompson

Palm Desert, CA

The Schlopy’s are close friends and the way they handled the sale of my lot in Pine Brook was personal, professional, and their communication throughout the process was incredible. They kept me informed, helped me in negotiating the sales price and their team was evolved throughout the entire process.

I have had the opportunity to work with the Schlopy’s for years and I would highly recommend their Real Estate services to anyone that wants professional guidance in buying or selling Real Estate in Park City. Team Schlopy and Sotheby’s can give you the most exposure when selling your home or property in Park City.

Steve and Jill Webber

St. George, UT

Kent, Marny and Team Schlopy have helped us with all of our real estate needs in Park City for over 7 years of working together. They have been amazing in their knowledge, support, professionalism, and attention to detail. Working with Team Schlopy has been the best experiences in real estate that we have ever had. We will always work with Team Schlopy for our real estate needs and recommend them to anyone with real estate needs in Park City. Schlopy did a fantastic job of marketing and selling our home. The effort that Team Schlopy and Sotheby’s put into our brochure combined with the personal touch at each showing of our home made all the difference in finding the right buyer. The entire team is very professional and responsive and a real pleasure to work with.


John and Donna MacPhee

New York, NY

We have worked with Kent and Marny over several years on multiple real estate transactions. They have consistently delivered results and gone above the call of duty to source off-market opportunities. They are also a heck of a lot of fun to work with and have helped us feel like locals in Park City.


Kevin Schwartz

Hindsdale, IL

We had a very positive experience with Team Schlopy! They were incredibly knowledgeable & supportive from beginning to end. We know for certain we would not have gotten our current home without their assistance, and their expertise got us a full price offer on our previous that we couldn’t have gotten otherwise. Overall a 5 star experience!


Kary Woodruff

Park City, UT

Great Job, absolutely seamless… just the way I like it! Thanks Marny.


Cathy Anderson

Weatherfield, VT

We purchased our condominium in 2012 with the support of Kent Schlopy. Kent was enjoyable to be with, listened and reacted appropriately to input he receives. We found him knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and consistently reliable throughout all interactions. He knows the market, promptly obtained necessary expertise when necessary, and served well in an advisory capacity during negotiations. It was a pleasure to work with him. Schlopy did a fantastic job of marketing and selling our home. The effort that Team Schlopy and Sotheby’s put into our brochure combined with the personal touch at each showing of our home made all the difference in finding the right buyer. The entire team is very professional and responsive and a real pleasure to work with.


Geof Molina

Keene, NH

Great service. Complete professionals in every way. Thank you.


Aldo and Sara Radamus

Edwards, CO

I have worked with Team Schlopy since 2004. Since then I have completed 5 transactions with the Team and could not be more satisfied. Kevin, Marny and Kent have always given me sound advice and successfully completed all transactions even though 2 of the 5 transactions had complex issues that required a team of experienced professionals to handle. Park City is a shark tank when it comes to buying and selling real estate I could have lost my shirt on several deals had it not been for Team Schlopy. Team Schlopy handled all with patience and the results ended up in my favor. The Team Schlopy back office personnel have always been diligent, professional and committed to making complex transactions happen. While most agents are out for the buck, Team Schlopy is in it for the long-term relationship, and that’s why I am committed to them. Feel free to use me as a referral any time you like and I am happy to elaborate further on the details.

Chris Casey

Encinitas, CA