Park City’s Largest Feeder Market and why Team Schlopy is with Coldwell Banker

One of the tools that Team Schlopy uses is our Coldwell Banker Network is our amazing agent database that we’re able to market to in all of the top feeder markets here in Park City. So our number one feeder market is in Salt Lake City. And we have over 450 agents that we’re able to market your property to directly to them so they can bring their qualified buyers that want to get out of the Salt Lake area into our Park City market. Other markets that we also market to is California, who is our second top feeder market. There are over 15,000 agents in California that we can send your property to directly and also bring those qualified buyers. Next top market is in Texas. We have over 4,000 agents. It’s important to us to be able to network with these agents to show your property in the best feeder markets for Park City. We get together once a year to have a big gathering of all of our agents for education and networking and Team Schlopy prides themselves on making sure that we go to all of the events to keep our network active for our sellers.