Wasatch County had approved the Master Plan, Construction began on the ski lifts for the Mayflower Mountain Resort at Deer Valley, and this is a 40-year project.

Mayflower Mountain Resort At Deer Valley – Mayflower Village Master Plan

This mountain resort will include 900 acres of mostly north-facing ski terrain with 7 proposed new lifts.

What kind of Real Estate will be included with the village?

The village plan shows stacked condominium and condominium hotels. The resort village will have a five-star and four-star hotels with a conference center of 40,000 sq ft.

Other Features?

Other features that are planned for the Mayflower Village include but are not limited to Alpine and Nordic Skiing tracks, an Alpine Coaster, Sledding hills, an ice skating rink, ski beach, an off-road bicycle “pump track”, a skate park , a miniature golf course, zip-line tours, an outdoor concert/movie venue as well as shopping and dining options.

Jordanelle Master Plan

The over plan includes the Mayflower Village Master Plan with several developments on the other side of highway 40. These include Mayflower Lakeside, Deer Cove, and others.

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