Having a relaxing and calming bedroom can help you get better sleep at night and thrive throughout the day. If you are a homeowner who is living with a physical or mental disability, creating a stress-free sleep sanctuary in your bedroom can mean making modifications for improved safety and accessibility. Not sure where to start with these essential accessibility upgrades? This guide can help you build a better and more accessible bedroom with less effort.

Budgeting for Bedroom Accessibility Changes

Before you start planning for accessibility in your bedroom, you need to figure out how you will finance these remodeling projects. Thankfully, there are quite a few financial resources that can make accessibility modifications more affordable for homeowners who are living with disabilities. Here are just a few examples of ways you can finance your own accessibility upgrades.

Cash-Out Refinancing

If you have an existing mortgage on your home, you may be able to leverage it to cover the costs of accessibility modifications for your bedroom. A cash-out refinance can transfer your existing loan balance to a larger home loan, and these loans pay the difference out to qualifying homeowners. Before you consider this financing option for your home upgrades, think about whether you have enough equity built into your home and can afford higher monthly payments.

Home Improvement Loans 

Another option for financing accessibility projects is to take out a home improvement loan. These loans are offered as home equity loans or personal loans, and each type of home improvement loan comes with its own set of qualifications and specifications. So be sure to review the details of each loan offer so that you can determine which is right for you.

Low-Interest Credit Cards 

If you have a credit card with a low-interest rate, that could be a feasible way to cover the costs of home modifications. Low-interest credit cards with a high credit limit are the best option for paying for bedroom accessibility upgrades so that you can avoid negative impacts on your credit score by utilizing too much credit. If you cannot qualify for higher credit limits or want to avoid interest charges, you may be better off using your credit cards for low-cost home modifications.

Grants and Government Benefits 

Last but certainly not least, you may be able to use grants and benefits to avoid paying out of pocket for needed changes to your bedroom. Many federal and non-profit organizations provide financial assistance to help people who are living with disabilities make their homes more accessible. If you are a veteran, VA benefits can also help you budget for bedroom upgrades.

Planning for Bedroom Accessibility Modifications

With reliable funding sources lined up, you can start planning modifications to your bedroom. Just as with your budget, having the right resources and information can make this process less stressful, so here are some helpful resources to keep in mind when planning for modifications.

ADA-Compliant Contractors

When you need to make major changes to your home, you need reliable contractors who have the necessary experience to create helpful accessibility bedroom features. ADA contractors have demonstrated an understanding of ADA compliance requirements and have also had experience implementing ADA-approved accessibility changes within their clients’ homes.

Accessibility-Boosting Modifications 

As you plan for upgrades to your bedroom, it’s also helpful to know which accessibility changes tend to matter the most for people who are living with disabilities. Major changes that can enhance mobility include wider doorways and ceiling-mounted chairlifts, both of which are improvement projects that should be completed by an experienced and licensed contractor. Of course, there are some bedroom changes you may be able to make on your own. For example, you can upgrade your bedding to accommodate specific physical or cognitive disabilities.

You deserve to find peace and comfort through your home, but especially in your bedroom. So use this helpful accessibility guide to plan and pay for the bedroom changes that will help you feel more relaxed and less stressed in your home. Because the secret to a better night’s sleep often comes down to building and creating a better bedroom.