With its powdery snow, pristine slopes, and plethora of exciting activities and fun destinations, Park City is as close as it gets to an actual winter wonderland.

There’s always an enchanting atmosphere that envelopes Park City every winter. The mood is so delightful in fact, that walking around the quaint alpine town gives you the feeling that you might run into characters straight out of a fairy tale.

What if actual storybook characters did visit Park City? What activities would they enjoy? Which attractions would be at the top of their list? In this article, we imagine what it would be like if the characters from Disney’s “Frozen” visited Park City, Utah.

Anna – Kimball Art Center

Kimball Art Center would be the perfect place for Anna, since she loves building snowmen! She can join some of the many arts and crafts programs offered by the center, including Ceramic Snowman Sculptures, Clay Workshops, Pottery for Kids, and so much more.

Through Kimball Art Center’s many sculpture classes, Anna can now learn how to build a snowman that would last forever. Check out the full list of upcoming art classes offered at the center here.

Elsa – Ice Castles

Elsa will surely enjoy a visit to the award-winning Ice Castles in nearby Midway, Utah, less than 20 miles south of Park City. While she’s already a master at creating ice sculptures of her own, she can still appreciate the fine craftsmanship involved in making intricate frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, and impressive LED-lit sculptures created by professional ice artists – without using any magical powers!

Olaf – Summer Activities

Thanks to the snow cloud created by Elsa to prevent him from melting, Olaf can now enjoy the summer season in all its glory!

Lucky for him, Park City is one of the best places in Utah for summer activities. He can take in 360-degree views of the stunning landscape by riding a hot air balloon, go fly fishing at the Provo River, or go rafting on the serene lakes and rivers throughout Park City!

And who knows – Olaf might even be invited to sing “In Summer” at the many summer music festivals like the Deer Valley Music Festival, the Deer Valley Concert Series, and the Big Stars, Bright Nights Concert Series!

Kristoff and Sven – The Viking Yurt

Kristoff and his trusty reindeer, Sven, can enjoy a scenic sleigh ride before indulging in a sumptuous six-course meal at The Viking Yurt, one of the top-rated fine dining venues in Park City.

Before reaching the restaurant, Kristoff and Sven will be treated to enchanting views of the night sky, soaring pines, and the most breathtaking views of Park City and the surrounding mountains.

If you want to enjoy the same unique experience (you don’t need to have your own sleigh or reindeer!), take a look at The Viking Yurt’s website for more information.

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