Our relationship with The Wall Street Journal provides the proper platform to market a home utilizing a unique and targeted approach, designed to appeal to buyers and sellers who are not only in the market to transact real estate but who view real estate as a part of their overall investment strategy. The Wall Street Journal provides its marketing partners with the essential knowledge we need to make smart decisions in attracting buyers and sellers of luxury real estate.

The Wall Street Journal is renown for their research studies from corporate and brand perceptions, wealth management, and small business reports. Recently the Wall Street Journal commissioned a study to understand the mindset of the luxury real estate buyer and the driving forces behind their home purchase decision-making process and their impressions of the real estate marketplace.

Below is a summary of their findings:

  1. Worldwide growth of high net-worth individuals in 2014 accelerated at fastest rate since 2000
  2. Million-dollar homes selling at 2x historical average and up 8% year over year
  3. “Recovery from the recovery,” moderate interest rate increases not expected to disrupt sales
  4. Vacation properties 13% of total sales in 2013 – the highest in 7 years
  5. Cash purchases at all-time high now at 45%; up from 30% in 2012
  6. Generational shift dominant trend for years to come
  7. More than 670,000 luxury buyers are planning to purchase in the next year
  8. Cash dominates in new purchases and especially among highnet worth respondents
  9. Relocation across the country and the globe is more prevalent than ever
  10. Luxury buyers are interested in mountain homes, ranches and golf properties
  11. Newspapers remain a key resource used to help buyers find a new home

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