Planning a trip to Park City? We’re here to make sure you get the best experience possible while you’re in town. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you plan your trip:


A variety of lodging options are available in Park City, including hotels, homes, and condos. Finding the perfect accommodation that matches your requirements is important, as it helps you enjoy your trip even more.

For families, renting a fully featured home is usually ideal, but only if you’re ok with having fewer on-site services. Hotels on the other hand, tend to offer smaller spaces, but typically offer comprehensive services including concierge and housekeeping. Condos offer a combination of both – many have full kitchens, in-room fireplaces, and services such as full front desks, housekeeping, and other amenities.


To get the most out of your stay, choosing the location of your rental is also an important factor. Generally, accommodations located close to major attractions have a higher price tag. Keep in mind though that staying at a convenient location will save you plenty of time, as it’ll be easier to get to popular destinations.

You can choose to stay at a home or a hotel close to Main Street for example, if you’re willing to pay a premium price. But if you’d like a more affordable accommodation, you can look for one located a few minutes away in neighborhoods such as Kimball Junction or Prospector Square, which adds a couple of minutes of travel time to and from Main Street.

Choosing between price and convenience is ultimately up to you, so choose your location strategically.

How to reach Park City

Salt Lake International Airport provides easy access to visitors from almost anywhere in the world, as it’s located just an hour away by car from Park City.

If you plan to get to Park City by car, you can head to town via Parley’s Canyon, a section of I-80 which serves as the major interstate artery passing through the mountains just east of Salt Lake City. Be aware that the canyon is winding, and you might need chains or snow tires to get to Park City depending on winter conditions.

If you don’t plan to drive the entire way, getting a rental vehicle or booking a taxi, Uber, or Lyft is an option. In case your accommodation is situated close to the resorts, using rideshares are a great option to get around. You can also decide to get a rental if you prefer the freedom of driving around town yourself.

Places to visit in Park City

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