Hi, my name is Lana Harris from Team Schlopy at Summit Sotheby’s here in Park City. I want to give you an update of single family pricing. That’s from our high point in 2008 to our current pricing in 2015. Going from area to area, I’m going to do some round numbers for you just to give you an overview of our market and what we have to look forward to.

In 2008, in the Old Town area, single-family housing approximately 1.2 million. We are currently at 1.3 million, which is an 8% increase. In our Park Meadows area, we started at a 1.4 million dollar, and we’re actually a little bit down. We’re down 1% in Park Meadows from 2008. In the Silver Springs area, we started at 765,000 and have had an increase. Our median price is about 960,000, so really nice increase there at the 25%. In Pinebrook, we started at about 771,000, and we’re currently trending at a decrease of 5%, so we’re currently at 733,000 as a median price.

Now, Promontory, one of our exclusive communities here in the Park City area, in 2008 we were at 1,800,000. We are currently running a 10% decrease at 1,669,000. That is a great overview of our prices that we’re running in Park City. Love to take you out and see some properties, and get you invested in the great Park City area. Thanks!