Functionality, practicality, and durability are three aspects you need to keep in mind when shopping for outdoor furniture for your Park City home, especially with the city’s widely varying seasons and weather.

Here are four outdoor furniture materials that you should look for while furnishing your Park City home:


Wood is one of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture, and it’s easy to see why. Quality wood furniture is not only durable— it’s also gorgeous and comes in a variety of tones, stains, and grains. If you want to stick to a certain aesthetic for your home, its easy to find a set of wooden furniture to match your outdoor space.

However, it is important to note that wood is affected by moisture. In Park City, you need to take extra precautions to keep your wooden outdoor furniture in shape. You can have them specially treated to withstand the elements or put them in storage during winter. Lastly, consider teak—its high oil and resin content makes it impervious to frost and snow.


Resin wicker – which are woven synthetic materials like polyethylene, PVC, or nylon – is preferred due to its affordability, all-weather durability, and low maintenance upkeep. High quality synthetic wicker can even withstand moisture and rot.

Wicker outdoor furniture can give your Park City home’s outdoor space a timeless, laid-back look. However, take note that this material is not completely water- or cold-resistant. Prolonged exposure to rain or snow can still cause wicker furniture to expand or warp, making it brittle. Cleaning wicker can also be time-consuming given its woven structure.

Recycled plastic or composite furniture

Furniture made of composite and recycled materials like plastic and HDPE lumber are a beautiful and practical way to spruce up your outdoor living spaces in Park City. Unlike wood or metal, recycled or composite furniture do not fade, crack, rot, split, or stain easily. Moreover, they are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The material’s lower density makes it lighter than other furniture types, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. On the one hand, it can be easily blown away if the weather is extreme, but the wind in Utah is usually calm. On the other hand, it’s easy to carry— a boon if you’re constantly redecorating. Take note, however, that plastic can become brittle when exposed to freezing winter temperatures and snowstorms.


Metal furniture are popular outdoor picks because of their distinct look and durability. However, like wood, metal can corrode over time because of damp or wet weather.

If you want something heavy, solid, and resistant to intense wind gusts, sunlight, and cold, wrought iron is a good choice. That said, they should be stored every winter or rainy season since the material is highly susceptible to moisture damage.

Aluminum and steel can be great alternatives to wrought iron. Although not as heavy, it is water- and rust-resistant, as well as durable against frigid winter temperatures. Steel is also more resistant to wind gusts as well as other elements. Annual wax treatments and other protective coatings can prolong these materials’ beauty and life.

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