Apart from the fabulous skiing, snowboarding and mountain hiking experiences Salt Lake City and Park City have to offer, you can also enjoy a great round of golf here.

One of the best places to play golf in Park City is Jeremy Ranch Golf and Country Club. Located in the upper east canyon of the Wasatch Mountains, this Arnold Palmer-designed golf course is a haven for golfers of all stripes, from beginners to professional golfers.

Many are discovering that going on the green daily is not only fun but presents many health benefits, too. Here are three ways playing golf can enrich your life physically, mentally, and socially.

Great for the body in several ways

Golf is simply good exercise. It’s a very effective low-impact activity that people, old and young, can get into. The sport involves a lot of walking from one hole to the next, which is a good form of cardio. It increases one’s heart rate and improves blood circulation.

Some studies have also shown that even as a spectator sport, golf has benefits too! Those watching on the sidelines reportedly take 7,000 to 10,000 steps as they follow along, which means you can hit your daily steps target easily and without having to play.

Speaking of steps, 10,000 is the magic number for those who’d like to lose a few pounds according to researchers. When one plays golf for a few hours, one can easily hit that target and then some!

Don’t discount the effect of playing golf in a beautiful outdoor setting, either. Just being outdoors and breathing fresh air is good for the body. It can instantly make you feel more invigorated. Studies show that those who spend time outdoors are at a significantly lower risk from various chronic health problems such as obesity.

Even better for the mind

Playing golf stimulates one’s balance and concentration with every swing. Plus, the physical activity involved in playing increases the production of endorphins in the brain, which reduces stress and anxiety.

It’s no wonder that a lot of people play golf to de-stress after a hard week’s work at the office. Golf also enhances brain stimulation, which makes it perfect for improving one’s memory and slowing down brain degradation as well as cognitive decline.

Does wonders for one’s social life

Don’t underestimate the benefits of having a stable social life and healthy interactions with other people. Playing golf is a wonderful bonding activity for friends and family, even complete strangers. It promotes good, friendly competition. And when you play in teams, the sport fosters camaraderie and boosts morale.

Whether it’s during the game or hanging out after, golf brings people together in ways that strengthen existing bonds and helps create new ones.

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