Moving has always been complicated. It requires a lot of planning and coordination, but moving during a pandemic adds a couple more steps to the already challenging process.

If you’re scheduled to move within the next few weeks, make sure to take these tips into consideration for a contactless and stress-free journey.

Check for restrictions

First, check with your local and state governments if moving is permitted in your circumstances. Moving, generally, is deemed an essential service, but lockdowns in specific areas may prohibit you from coming in. You don’t want to be blindsided by a no-moving rule upon arrival.

Prioritize health and safety

As moving will entail exposure to other people, make sure to be aware of the health risks and prepare accordingly. If any member of your household is part of a high-risk group, it may be wise to postpone the move until health authorities declare the situation in your area as safe. The same advice applies if you yourself are feeling a little under the weather on the day of your move.

If you’re set on it, have hygiene products – hand sanitizers, soap, paper towels, facemasks – ready for you and those involved in the move.

Research moving companies

Most movers have adapted to the situation by implementing policies and procedures that guarantee a contactless, or at least a minimal contact, process. For instance, many offer moving containers that provide a no-contact experience. In some cases, you can just give instructions over the phone and the movers can collect your belongings without you having to be physically present during the pick up.

Make sure to also look into the company’s safety measures and their policies regarding cancellations, rescheduling, and refunds as the times are unpredictable. As long as there is good communication between you and your mover, things will go smoothly.

Use brand-new containers

As an additional safety measure, it’s advisable to use brand-new boxes or containers for your belongings as the virus can survive on surfaces for 1-3 days.

Upon arrival at your new home, make sure to first disinfect the surfaces of every container brought inside before opening or unpacking them. Properly store or dispose of the containers and thoroughly wash your hands afterwards.

Plan ahead

Appointments with technicians can be difficult to secure these days. If you’re planning to set up a new cable or internet service in your new home, it’s best to book it in advance.

Similarly, if you plan to donate old belongings to a secondhand shop, make sure to confirm if they’re open to receiving items. Find out if there are additional safety measures for the donation process that you need to accomplish.

Extra care and attention is required at every step of moving during a pandemic, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Even in unprecedented times, moving signals a new chapter – and you have every reason to look forward to it.

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