Looking to explore some of the most scenic trails in Park City, Utah? We’ve got you covered! Time to lace up your hiking shoes and pack your gear – here are several amazing trails for you to discover:

Round Valley Trail System

Located northwest of Park City’s Main Street, the 6-mile Round Valley Trail System offers easy round-trip hikes, with an extensive set of paths that give you the opportunity to change the distance of your hike on the fly and explore different routes with every visit.

The trail system is pet-friendly, which makes it a great choice for pet owners looking forward to taking their loyal pals on a fun outdoor adventure. Remember to wear a hat and bring sunscreen, as there’s limited shade on most trail sections.

McPollin Farm Trail

The 3.6-mile McPollin Farm Trail is perfect for hikers of all ages. It’s a paved trail, so it’s ideal even for younger hikers or anyone requiring a mobility aid.

The trails around the 160-acre McPollin Farm are surrounded by picture-perfect views of sweeping horse pastures and expansive open fields. Along the way, hikers will get to see McLeod Creek and the white barn, considered one of the most iconic sites in Park City.

Lofty Lakes Loop

This easy Park City loop trail features a moderate elevation gain and stunning views of the landscapes surrounding the majestic Uinta Mountains. Hikers will be treated to serene lake views, as this 4-mile trail passes by three different alpine lakes: Lofty Lake, Kamas Lake, and Scout Lake. And in case you’re looking for more, you can add a detour to Cuberant Lake, which will give you the perfect opportunity to cool down before finishing your hike.

Jenni’s Trail

Jenni’s Trail is one of the newest trails in the Park City area, taking hikers on a challenging but fun journey starting from Park City Mountain Resort to some of the most beautiful overlooks throughout the area.

The trail is ideal even for hikers with little experience, as it doesn’t require a lot of technical skill. It’s also very popular for mountain bikers, although they’re only able to bike on the upwards portion of the trail and then take the chairlift to get back to the starting point.

Bald Mountain

If you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding hike, the Bald Mountain trail takes hikers on a scenic 12,000-foot ascent to the High Uintas. Those who don’t have much experience with high altitude hiking might want to prepare by tackling some of the other trails mentioned earlier, as this one can be a punishing climb for casual hikers. The trail’s moderate length however, does make it slightly more manageable.

Remember to check weather conditions before heading to Bald Mountain, and stay clear of the trail in case there’s possibility of lightning in the area.

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