1. What does the Park City Lifestyle mean? Truly have the best of the best lifestyle! We have all 4 seasons to enjoy various activities from camping to skiing to hiking and biking! There are so many options you will never be bored!
  2. Favorite neighborhood in Park City and why? The Preserve – when I first went to The Preserve I loved everything from the location to the wildlife that walked about. Feels very serene.
  3. Favorite winter & summer activity in Park City and why? Winter – skiing (growing up in the south we skied on ice!) In the summer I love camping and getting the chance to relax and unplug for the weekend!
  4. Favorite dining spot and why? Shabu because of the intimate atmosphere and the amazing food options! Whenever I have anyone in town that is my go-to spot! Highly recommend getting the hot rock and the beehive buzz for a drink!
  5. Favorite season in Park City and why? Winter! Growing up in North Carolina we did not get a lot of snow and to me every time it snows there is something magical about it!
  6. Why choose Team Schlopy as your Realtors? We love what we do and we love Park City which makes use knowledgeable in the market.
  7. Most important thing to know about selling a property in Park City. Hiring a team that is committed to taking you from just listed to just sold!
  8. Most important thing to know about buying a property in Park City. Picking a Realtor that is well versed in the area!
  9. What is the best thing about being with Team Schlopy? The amazing people that I get to meet along the way and the relationships I am building!