1. What does the Park City Lifestyle mean to you? It is my kind of lifestyle. Outdoors, a healthy atmosphere, social activities, and really good friendships are formed with all the activities.

2. What is your favorite neighborhood in Park City and why? Silver Springs where we lived for 20 years and loved the convenience. Now Red Ledges as a private golf course community with loads of amenities.

3. Favorite winter & summer activity in Park City and why? Powder skiing because it is so exhilarating and Road Biking because it is so beautiful to see all the scenery go by while you are working hard.

4. Favorite dining spot and why? Adolphs because I love the fresh Utah trout and the vegetable that Adolph prepares

5. Favorite season in Park City and why? Summer because you can be outside all the time and enjoy the deep blue skies and the sunshine all day long into 9:00 in the evening.

6. Why choose Team Schlopy as your Realtors? Because we really care about you!

7. Most important thing to know about selling a property in Park City? Use a professional realtor to have your property show the best it can and price it right with their advice.

8. What is the most important thing to know about buying a property in Park City? Use a professional realtor to show you all the neighborhoods that best fits your lifestyle.

9. What made you get into real estate? I had to have a career (it was not a hobby) and I like that I could sell a product (Park City) that I believed in.

10. What is the best thing about your career as a Realtor? The lifestyle I lead and share it with my family, friends, and clients!