1. What does the Park City Lifestyle mean? Living the Park City Lifestyle means you enjoy all of the outdoor activities whether it is winter or summer.  I get to enjoy the natural beauty of Park City every day and will never take it for granted.  It keeps me calm with clarity.  
  1. Favorite neighborhood in Park City and why? My favorite neighborhood is Aerie because it is a hidden gem that only the locals know.  Aerie offers amazing mountain and ski resort views.  It is close to both ski resorts, restaurants, and shopping but is away from the hustle and bustle of being in Old Town,
  1. Favorite winter & summer activity in Park City and why? My favorite winter activity is skiing…  how can it not be.  My favorite Summer activity is and kayaking.  I love the calmness of paddling on the water.  It makes you appreciate everything I have and all the land provides us. 
  1. Favorite dining spot and why? My favorite dining is Midway Mercantile.  They have indoor and outdoor seating with seasonal menus and the Chef supports local farms.
  1. Favorite season in Park City and why? Fall is by far my favorite season.  The fall foliage is to dye for!!  The colors are sensational. The temperature cools in early evening and it is magical to have a fire going at sunset.  
  1. Why choose Team Schlopy as your Realtors? They are the best agents in the world!!!
  1. Most important thing to know about selling a property in Park City? The most important thing for a seller to know is how to price the home. 
  1. Most important thing to know about buying a property in Park City? I think the most important thing for a buyer purchasing in Park City is to hire a professional agent.  A professional agent will help them navigate the neighborhoods and the micro-markets in PC so they can find the home that best fits their needs.
  1. What made you get into real estate? I am a Realtor because I love the business.  I love helping people achieve their goals!  I love architecture and seeing the trends of what was into what it could be.  Every home has its own personality! 
  1. What is the best thing about your career as a Realtor? My favorite thing about being a Realtor is meeting people from around the world.  It makes every day an adventure and I never get bogged down in the mountain day.