Team Schlopy Member Spotlight – Bobbi Jo Wilkerson, Associate Broker/Director of Operations

  1. What does the Park City Lifestyle mean? Endless outdoor activities and diverse lifestyles. 
  2. Favorite neighborhood in Park City and why? Pinebrook, I love the surroundings and amazing views.
  3. Favorite winter & summer activity in Park City and why? Snowmobiling/ Boating and water sports.
  4. Favorite dining spot and why? The grub steak, great family atmosphere. 
  5. Favorite season in Park City and why? Summer- Recreational opportunities.
  6. Why choose Team Schlopy as your Realtors? Amazing Team dynamics. Endless knowledge and experience.
  7. Most important thing to know about selling a property in Park City. Hiring the best Real Estate Team to represent you is the most important investment you could make.
  8. Most important thing to know about buying a property in Park City. Picking the best buying agent to represent you is the 1st step in the right direction.
  9. What made you get into real estate? I started in the construction industry and loved working with the contractors when they were purchasing the land to build homes on I thought “hey I can do that” and I did. 
  10. What is the best thing about your career as a Realtor? The wonderful clients and friends I get to work with every day.