The Proper Ski EquipmentIn today’s “modern equipment” era, every sport seems to be evolving at breakneck speed and skiing happens to be leading the charge. Most ski equipment today is allowing even an intermediate skier to navigate difficult terrain with relative ease.

Skiing, like golf, is VERY equipment oriented and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of magazine and online reviews. No doubt that every accessory plays a role in your on-hill experience, whether it’s a nice fitting helmet, warm gloves and of course skis that suit your skill and style. That being said, we highly recommend your first equipment priority be a great pair of comfortable ski boots.

Yes, the ski boot is where the proverbial “rubber hits the road” my friends. It should be Numero Uno on your ski equipment list. Without comfortable ski boots that still have a snug fit, you’ll either be sloshing around aimlessly – praying to find your first “carve” or even worse, you’ll be in a ski boot so tight that all you can think about is sipping hot chocolate by the fire in your slippers! Poor fitting boots are the fastest way to ruin a ski vacation. There’s no excuse anymore for not having incredibly comfortable ski boots – hey, it’s the 21st century and they’re already talking about putting people on Mars!

The bottom line is that good ski equipment is relatively easy to find with the exception of boots… so spend your time finding the right pair and if it takes some extra cash to have the boots fit by an expert, it’s money well spent because you’ll be carving all day in comfort!