Every dynamic sport, whether it’s basketball, tennis, hockey or skiing has one thing in common with regard to technique: Athletic Stance is paramount!

Imagine a tennis player receiving a serve with their feet together. There’s no way they can get to the ball in time not to mention how ridiculous it would look! Same thing with a hockey player bent at the waist so much they couldn’t see the puck.

Skiing is no different, but because our ski boots are rigid, it often times forces us to depend on our equipment to get down the hill. Even expert skiers are guilty of sitting back, bending at the waist or having a goofy stance. A proper “Athletic” stance will make your day of skiing both more enjoyable and also less taxing on your muscles and joints.

So here’s the “skinny” on skiing with an athletic stance… start with your feet a little less than shoulder width apart – ankles flexed so your knees are in front of your toes – a slight bend in your knees and a slight tilt in your pelvis so your sternum is in front of your knees. Lastly, your hands should be in front of you about as wide as if you are reading a newspaper.

Now, once you’ve assembled your stance it should look like you are a linebacker in football or a tennis player receiving a serve. If you can explode, side to side on the hill, you’ve got it right! Superior technique begins with a proper Athletic stance, so get lined up and go tackle the slopes!