Are you thinking of selling your Park City real estate during the ski season? Have you been told that real estate does not sell in the winter? Think again.

At the time we started this post, thanks to SkiUtah.com, we know there are 21 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes and 30 seconds to the start of the ski season. How great is that? Technology can now tell us the same thing a quick stroll up Main Street, seeing the look of anticipation in the eyes of our ski- hungry locals. The 2013-2014 ski season is just around the corner! So too are the multitude of visitors, seeking a perfectly-groomed ski run, a relaxing meal, and hopefully Park City real estate.


1493 Seasons Drive – Park City, Utah

Since 1992 Team Schlopy has been selling real estate in Park City, Utah, and we’ve heard many reasons why sellers believe spring is the time to market their real estate. “This is when buyers are looking for real estate”, they are told. While there is no denying that the second quarter is a great time to sell Park City real estate. The truth is, properties, including homes, do sell in the winter. Two hundred and thirty-three homes sold on the Park City Multiple Listing Service in the fourth quarter of 2012. One hundred and sixty-eight homes sold during the first quarter of 2013.

Many properties are occupied during the ski season in Park City, Utah. This presents a unique challenge that Team Schlopy and other Park City Realtors face everyday during the ski season. How do we get potential buyers to fall in love with our client’s homes and condominiums?

do not disturb

Showing your home or condominium during the Park City ski season provides challenges beyond the snow (that we all hope accumulates in excessive amounts in the next few months). In Park City, due to the presence of guests, in town to enjoy everything that Park City has to offer, we are limited in accessing many of the available properties. Land covered in ample amounts of snow also provides challenges.

While the availability of our team provides flexibility, and ensures a Team Schlopy agent will be available if access can be gained to a property that is listed for sale. However sometimes access is just not possible while the buyer is in town. Because of this the photography is of utmost importance. In the follow video from Team Schlopy’s YouTube channel, Marny Schlopy describes how Summit Sotheby’s and Team Schlopy use professional, in-house photography to sell Park City Homes that are marketed by Team Schlopy.


Imagry, art and quality peak interest. Team Schlopy and Summit Sotheby’s understand that marketing luxury, ski resort properties deserve the best exposure possible.

If you feel winter is not the time to sell Park City real estate, your decision may be swayed by the economic ideology of “supply and demand”. The truth is during the ski season there will be more people in town to see your property, and there should be less competition. Historically real estate inventories shrink during the winter months in colder climates like Park City. This can work to the seller’s advantage, remember love at first sight does happen and while most Park City buyers take there time, some don’t, they visit, fall in love and the next thing you know we all have a new neighbor. Less inventory and more potential buyers in town make selling Park City real estate now something to consider.

For more information on how Team Schlopy sells Park City real estate please contact Marny Schlopy at 435-640-5660 or by email at marny@teamschlopy.com.