Now that people are spending more time at home, they are coming to realize that their living spaces aren’t as big as they once seemed. One surmountable reason is clutter that has piled on over the years.

Win back valuable space from the things you no longer use (and didn’t even realize you still had). Take on these decluttering actionables to free up space in 30 minutes or less.

Organize your workspace.

Having trouble focusing? Your desk may be at fault. Several studies have linked physical clutter to higher levels of stress and difficulty in working with new information. Clean your way to better productivity. Throw away papers you don’t need and hide extra office materials in drawers. You might even feel an instant energy boost right after.

Inspect your fridge and pantry.

Refrigerators and pantry shelves are notorious for harboring forgotten clutter. It’s easy to just put things in the fridge or on a shelf and forget about them until the next cooking project.

Empty your fridge and pantry in sections and commandeer the kitchen countertop for easy sorting. Discard food and ingredients that have gone past their expiration date, and make a list of what you need and what you have to use up soon. Once everything is sorted, return the supplies back, grouping them together with like items for easy reference.

Winnow down your media collection.

The pull of analog is real even in the age of Kindle, Netflix, and Spotify. But even meticulous catalogers of analog media have books, DVDs, or vinyl records that are better off in a new home. Evaluate your collection a shelf at a time, removing all the titles that aren’t your favorites. Next, go over the review pile with a strict rule in mind: titles will only be reshelved if you really plan to read, listen, or watch them in the future. Discard and donate the rest.

Clear out old or unused clothes.

Much like unread books and discounted DVD bundles, clothes in surplus just take up space. Sift through your wardrobe and ferret out barely used as well as threadbare pieces. Sell and donate items in good condition, and place clothing that has seen better days in your recycling bin.

Spot-check rooms for random and misplaced items.

The goal for this time-based task is to quickly declutter each room and return everything to its rightful place. To get started, get a garbage bag and set a timer for 30 minutes. Next, go to a room and survey it. Place anything that has neither use nor purpose in the garbage bag, and put the room back in order (magazines on the coffee table, remote on the TV stand, books shelved). Proceed to other rooms and repeat. Stop once your bag is full or when time is up, whichever one comes first.

Quick decluttering projects like these are manageable to do on your own. But other things, such as searching for a new home, are better done with the help of professionals. Let the local real estate experts at Team Schlopy be your ultimate guide to Park City’s real estate market. Call our team at (435) 640-5660 or email info@teamschlopy.com today for more information.