Park City Richest and Friendliest

The Readers of Condé Nast Traveler voted Park City as the Friendliest. Wait. There is more. Summit Park/Park City is the wealthiest Small Town in the US. And you thought I was done. Heber Valley, our Neighbor, ranked 8th wealthiest Small Town in the US.

That is quite the achievement for Park City and Heber Valley.

What does that mean for Park City and Heber Valley?

park city friendliest

It helps build economic characteristics in Park City and Heber Valley.

The property value may not skyrocket because of these achievements, but it creates an intangible value. Condé Nast Traveler said,”Park City seems to be having a moment. Readers call it ‘a great place that brings city life to outdoor enthusiasts, film geeks, and families.’ A ‘beautiful small town with a big presence,’ it’s blessed with ‘hip culture, a party atmosphere, and tons of history.’ Even at the height of winter ski season or the Sundance Film Festival in January, ‘the locals were extremely friendly and welcoming.'”

As described by the Condé Nast Travelers, the Park City Lifestyle can fit your needs and interests.

It helps Park City and Heber Valley to stay top of mind.

We are very excited for the merging of Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons. There was even a revived excitement with the new name for the combined ski resorts. However, the dust has settled. It was perfect timing for these two new achievements to come to light, just before the ski season. Those who were thinking of buying in Park City or Heber Valley earlier this year, are now thinking about buying here again.

The Conclusion

Whether you are buying or selling in Park City, or Heber Valley, this will only help. Buyers will see that it is a place to raise and invest in their or their children’s future. Sellers will see the value that Park City has to offer and use it to their advantage. Ultimately and best of all, people will realize that we can have it all in Park City.