According to the readers and executives of Outdoor Magazine, Park City, Utah is the Best Town Ever! In their September 2013 edition of the publication Outside Magazine outlines why.


It is official Park City is a great place to live!

So tell us something we do not know. Team Schlopy has been telling people this for years. We did not need a vote!

  • Gold-rated Mountain Trails
  • Easy access to a major-metropolitan area
  • 30 minutes from a International Airport
  • A population of 7,879 friendly people
  • Three world-class ski resorts
  • An Olympic Training Center
  • Progressive Schools
  • World-class dining
  • Utah’s First Distillery
  • Top-rated sch0ols
  • Free music
  • The Park Silly Sunday Market

The list goes on…

With miles of trails, world-class skiing, top-rated schools and a friendly, forward-thinking community, of course Park City is a great place to live.  Outside Magazine called on their readers and online subscribers to narrow down the list to ten finalists and then put the vote on Facebook.  Park City’s rich history as a mining town turned resort area has seen the area rise from a ghost town to the Best Town Ever!


“There’s no better blend of small-town friendliness, absurdly easy access, and five-star culture than Park City – if you can afford it” Kyle Dickman, Outside Magazine

Citing easy access and a town that breeds the active lifestyle were just two of the reasons Park City triumphed over the towns of Greenville, Honolulu, Bozeman and Minneapolis and Fort Collins, Colorado.  I bet none of those towns feature a mayor that plays in a local band and takes shifts as a barista at a local coffee shop just to make ends meet.

If there is a drawback to Park City is our real estate continues to climb. Mention in the article is the cost of living in Park City where the median price for a home, according to the article is $765,000. However, you don’t have to be in the city limits to be a part of Park City. Located just outside the city limits, areas such as Sun Peak (median price of $695,000), Silver Springs (median price of $639,000) and Summit Park  (median price of $446,610)  provide affordable options to living in Old Town (median price according to 2nd quarter statistics from the Park City Board of Realtor – $890,250), Thaynes Canyon (median price $1,500,000) and Park Meadows ($1,360,000). The median price for a home in Upper Deer Valley is $2,750,000 and the uber-expensive areas of Empire Pass and Deer Crest, home to the Montage and St. Regis hotels go even higher.

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