Have you ever been in a checkout line and the person helping you turns to answer the phone, leaving you waiting while they take care of their business? Did you feel like your needs were being taken care of at that moment? This can be irritating if you are buying a pack of gum, it can be devastating if you are purchasing a home.

Real estate is a now business. In Park City, where many of our buyers are here only for limited amounts of time, “being in the now” is a must. You deserve to feel your time is important, especially when a world-class trail or ski run is waiting for you.

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When you are touring a home you need to know your REALTOR is not working on other clients while he is with you. When you’re a seller you deserve have all inquiries about your property answered in a timely manner. Who is monitoring the Internet for potential buyers? When you receive an offer, or go under contract is there someone monitoring the process? Team Schlopy has the resources to ensure your needs are taken care of now and the results that show we do.

Below Kent Schlopy of Team Schlopy outlines the advantages of having a team of licensed agents working for you. If you are buying or selling Park City real estate we are for you. If you know anyone interested in real estate beyond Park City please let us know.