Views vs Clicks

Let’s say we were going on Google and we decided to google Pokemon. Once we googled, we’ll start scrolling through the page full of links. That would be considered a view. A click would be obviously when we would click on one of those links. That’s the difference between views and clicks.

Why do I want clicks rather than views?

The more people click onto those websites, the more likely they’re going to be purchasing the properties from those websites. Clicks mean that they are engaged with your property.

What do I ask when the agent starts to talk about views of their websites?

“We have a billion people viewing our website,” said an Agent. Smart Person asks,”Well, how many clicks are you getting?” Ask specifically how many clicks they are getting to that website and that will help you in your process of searching out a real estate agent, or if you’re already with a real estate agent then you’re going to be able to understand exactly how many views your property is getting, and see if we need to change something to get those views up.

I hope this helped and we will see you next time.