What is a listing syndication?

A listing syndication is when your listing is placed on the MLS. Then it is distributed to 700+ websites.

How do I know if my agent is utilizing their listing syndication?

This question will help know if you are working with an ordinary agent or an extraordinary agent. “How do you feature my listing on those websites?”

By asking this question, you will know if they are doing anything extra to feature your property.

Ordinary vs Extraordinary

Are they extraordinary?

An ordinary agent won’t know because it is not during it currently. They wouldn’t be able to respond. They’ll just say, “The listing syndication is 700 plus websites. You can’t beat that,” but yet every brokerage is doing that.

Let’s say you’re asking the extraordinary agent that same question. “How do you feature my listing on these websites?” Well, that agent will be able to respond saying, “We’re a premier agent, meaning that our listings are featured on those websites. We get extra privileges to those websites so that your listing will be able to be at the top of those searches.” If somebody were to search your city or your ZIP code, you’ll be at the top of that search.

That’s how you’re going to be able to know if it’s an ordinary agent that you’re interviewing or an extraordinary agent.


Asking the right questions will get you the agent you want and need.