Team Schlopy Look Ahead in Park City Real EstateCurrently, the economy is moving up according to Realtors Mag which equals better jobs, better pay, and first, second, third, fourth, (alright you get the idea) home buyers are looking to invest in PREMIUM properties. Well, what does this mean for a Park City buyer or seller? Well let’s take a look.

Future InvestmentAn Improving Economy is good for the BUYER. We are currently in the window of opportunity for both sellers and buyers. Right now for the buyer, the prices are starting to rise. That reason alone is why now is the time to buy, instead of waiting until the prices are too high to be comfortable for the buyer. Premium properties are starting to pop up and you will have your choice of the litter.  This last month, there weren’t very many houses on the market, and so premium properties were going fast. The next few months more premium properties are appearing so take your time choosing the perfect property. However, don’t wait too long either  they will be taken, or the price will increase.

An Improving Economy is good for the SELLER. The window of opportunity for the seller is now. Sellers will get what their property is worth. If the seller waits as the market increases, buyers start dropping off. There will be a lot of supply and not enough demand. Also, the longer the house is on the market the price will be reduced.

Just like the buyers are looking for premium properties, sellers are looking for premium buyers. This is the best time for premium buyers. The buyers are anxious to move in the property.  The time table of selling your home is shorter which means less time on the market, and more time in preparing to move.

You cannot expect a better housing market than right now. 

As you can see, this is a win win situation for the seller and the buyer. So here is your to do list:

Buyer to do List:

  1. Find a Buyers Agent
  2. Take a Look at ParkCityHomesNow.com to look at premium properties
  3. Let your agent know which properties you are interested, and view such properties
  4. Choose your dream home and purchase property.

Seller to do List:

  1. Find a Sellers Agent
  2. Look at their Listing Process and Marketing Plan
  3. Prepare Home for Showing
  4. Buyer chooses your home and Purchases

This is it in a nutshell of how you can take advantage of the Park City Real Estate Market. Now it is your turn. What have you seen in the Park City Real Estate Market? Do you think this post could include more? Comment below and let’s see what things we can look ahead in Park City Real Estate.