I’m here to discuss whether it’s a buyers market or a sellers market. I can simply answer it is a sellers market, but it’s more complicated than that. You really have to look at each entire area when you’re studying how to price property and whether you can be aggressive in pricing your property that way. One of the things that we look at as a real estate agent is called the absorption rate. That means how long is it going to take when you put your property on the market til it’s sold and closed. We look at that in terms of months. If we look at 2010, it took an average of about 13 months to sell a property. That’s across all of the MLS, multiple listing service, in Park city. Today’s market it’s about 6 months. It’s more than half. That’s why we call it a sellers market, but do be ware. Check with us, make sure you’re pricing the property correctly because you can over price and that’s the kiss of death for any real estate listing. Remember, 101 real estate price your property right. Thanks.

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