If you’re showing a property for sale in Park City, Utah right now, you already know the problem. The daffodils and other early spring flowers making your yard look terrific during Park City’s mud season, peeping through patches of bare ground and the intermittent clumps of snow, will soon fade.

The snow has melted into wetness, there’s some slushy ground here and there, and muddy tire tracks in the driveway will not impress potential buyers.

An occasional dusting of snow is typical for Park City's springtime landscape

An occasional dusting of snow is typical for Park City’s springtime landscape

Can you make things look better without investing a lot of time—or money—into cosmetics?
The answer is of course, yes. A little imagination and a bit of preventive work will do the trick.

The first thing to attend to is vehicle tires; even bike tires. Tires of any kind will go through dirty water and even thick mud during the warming spring months. If that mud and dirt is driven onto your driveway or garage, it will bake hard in the sun or heat and leave its messy traces as subliminal negative messages to prospective buyers.

A sparkling clean driveway, especially in mud season, can set up a positive vibe about your property—so that’s obviously a good place to start.

Remember that buyers may drive past a listed property and decide to look into it further or pass on by, depending on a quick first impression. So while your home is on display, make it a rule never to drive directly into the driveway. Park by the street curb first and use a hose to spray any mud or dirt off the tires. Only when they are clean should the vehicle be driven into the garage or driveway.

Mud and dirt can also seep onto the edges of the driveway during this season. Keeping the driveway edges neat and straight also conveys a subliminal message of cleanliness and order that buyers will like.

Once the spring flowers fade, what should be done about the yellowing leaves? On one hand, those leaves are needed to feed the bulbs and roots of perennials. But on the other hand, they can look messy and tear down the elegance quotient of a property.

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors to consider when selling your home. Buyers are quick to judge a home by what they see on the outside. Perhaps a visit to the remarkable Park City Nursery is in order. Ann’s guide to High Altitude gardening will help in ensuring any improvements made to your yard will fit with our mountain climate.¬†book_cover

This might also be the time to contact a Park City professional for a quick consultation. At Park City Nursery you can contact Dana Gillin, Landscape Designer with Park City Landscape Design/Build with questions or to get things started or we also recommend David Kalinski of DCM Landscaping (435.640.2570), David has helped many Team Schlopy clients transform their yards in spectacular fashion.

Finally, look at your front yard with a stranger’s eye. Are there piles of dead pine needles that look brown and cluttered? Sweep or scatter them away. Are there dead branches you no longer notice? Clip them off. If a rock or other decorative detail has slipped out of place over the winter, place it back where it belongs.

These may seem like minor details, but they’re worth the effort of caring about. It is, after all, the sum of many minor details that serve to make an impression. Just as you wouldn’t show your property without dusting the furniture, make sure your yard doesn’t show the winter weariness that can un-impress an otherwise eager potential buyer.

If you are considering selling your  home, condominium or land now is the time to request a comprehensive market analysis of your specific Park City neighborhood.