What if your favorite part of your home isn’t even inside it?

Imagine stepping into a backyard that’s an escape from the stresses of daily life. A little slice of the outdoors where you can relax, recharge, and refocus. A place that’s open, comfortable, and enjoyable.

The good news is that this vision is easier to achieve than you might think. With the tips below, you can have a serene retreat that’s literally right in your backyard.

Set the mood with lighting

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to turn your backyard into a serene space. In fact, all you need is mood lighting. String up lanterns on a tree, hang fairy lights on the fence, and install path lights to create a relaxing ambiance with a flick of a light switch. Atmospheric lighting also makes your garden an inviting place to enjoy an al fresco dinner with the family or guests.

Install an outdoor fire pit

Nothing adds warmth to your backyard quite like a fire pit.  In the summer, you can huddle around the put with a friend or two, or roast s’mores with the kids. During fall evenings, you can warm yourself by the fire while stargazing. You can even add some citronella oil to the fire to keep bugs away while giving your yard a refreshing fragrance. Many manufacturers now offer portable fire pits, so you can get one for a very reasonable price.

Build a pool

Turn your backyard into a resort by building a pool. And no, you don’t need a large space for it. Contractors can usually tailor-fit pools to the size of your yard. You can also install a space-saving plunge pool, which is ideal for wading or lounging. Get comfy lounge chairs, put up outdoor umbrellas, and stash rolled up towels in a basket for a truly resort-like feel.

Install a water feature

No budget or space for a pool? Get a water feature like a fountain instead. The gentle trickling of the water soothes the mind and calms the spirit. It can also mask traffic noise or mitigate the hum of your HVAC system. There are a variety of fountains to choose from, including wall-mounted, cascading, tiered, and Japanese-style designs. You can even turn the fountain’s pool into a mini-pond where you can raise koi and other decorative fish.

Add a patio

Aside from extending your home’s living area, a patio also makes your backyard a more inviting space. Your patio can be an ideal place to have breakfast, read a book, or entertain guests. When designing your patio, make sure it follows your home’s overall look and feel. Add an outdoor rug to help define the space and give it character. To provide shade, you can either purchase outdoor umbrellas or install a pergola where vines can grow.

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