House hunting is an exciting part of the home buying process. After all, who wouldn’t be elated at the prospect of finally finding their dream home? And if you’re a fan of home search TV shows, it’s important to remember that it’s not going to be as smooth and breezy as these shows make it out to be. For sure, you’ll need to look at a number of houses before you buy, and not all if it is going to be a fun experience.

According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), home shoppers looked at an average of 15 houses before deciding to buy. If that sounds like an intimidating prospect, is it possible to shorten the process? What if the first property you visit seems like the right one?

There is no cut-and-dried formula for arriving at the optimum number of houses to see before you make your decision. Everything boils down to your personal judgment. If a house ticks all the right boxes, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick the first one you come across. But to prevent buyer’s remorse, it helps to develop a keen gut instinct before making your final decision.

That nagging feeling

Gut instinct is the feeling you get that tells you when you should jump in head first into a venture, take a step back, or run in the opposite direction. When something feels right, your gut will tell you so. On the other hand, when something seems off, your intuitive wisdom will nag you to beware, helping you make the right decision.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to listen to their gut instinct, and they end up being very disappointed with the decision that they make.

Develop your gut instinct

The people with the best gut instincts are often those who have the most experience. Therefore, before you can listen to your gut, you must make sure that its voice is trustworthy.

Developing an instinct for the home buying process requires evaluating the pros and cons of a piece of property to see how it fits your lifestyle and personal needs. Some of the most important questions to ask include:

  • Can I afford it?
  • Is the house in relatively good condition?
  • How are the neighbors?
  • How close is it to my priority amenities and facilities?
  • What are similar homes selling for?

By answering these questions, you may start to develop either a positive or negative feeling about the property. You’ll be able to tell whether a house is the ideal one that suits your needs.

Harness technology

The good news is that with the internet, you can look at as many houses as you want in a significantly less amount of time than if you were to visit each house in person. Use online listings to whittle down your list to a more manageable number, then visit three to five properties in a day. If nothing stands out, rinse and repeat.

Perhaps, after looking at five to six houses, you would’ve developed an instinct about the kind of house and neighborhood that fits you. If you’re unsure, consult your local agent. Their insight might help you make your decision sooner rather than later.

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