What is Hot

Let’s talk about what’s hot and what’s not in today’s Park City real estate market, July 7, 2016. If anything is under a million dollars and is priced correctly, it will move quickly. Anything over a million dollars, if it’s new and, again, priced correctly will move quickly. The challenge is anything over a million dollars and it’s outdated that is ten years or older will take a long time to move in the market.

What is Not

When your home is ten years or older you need to update, you need to change out some things. It might be the lighting fixtures, might be the paint, it could be exterior; just bringing it up to date. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but in the scheme of things, if you have a million dollar property and you want to get it sold at market value, you need to update those things. If you’re not willing to update, then you’re going to have to sell below market because buyers are not willing to pay for something that’s dated. Hope that helps you. Give us a call if your home is ten years or older and you want some tips. We’ll be happy to help you. Thanks. Have a great rest of the summer.