As you know, skiing is a physically taxing and dynamic sport – which means you’ll want to train in a similar manner. Hopefully, you’ve done enough aerobic exercise throughout the summer and early fall to begin some interval and strength training.

Erik Schlopy in the Off Season

Erik Schlopy in the Off Season

There are 3 pillars of physically conditioning for skiing: Leg strength, core strength and anaerobic endurance – which requires interval training. Unless you’re an Olympic athlete, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym – just focus on a few specific areas on a daily rotation that will optimize your fitness prior to getting on snow. Here is the first set of exercises that will help you develop the 3 pillars:

  1. Leg strength: Standard squats with full range of motion are preferred, but let pain be your guide. If you have knee problems or have had knee surgery, you’ll need to abbreviate your range of motion or try forward lunges. Wall sits are also excellent for building leg endurance – not to mention finding your pain tolerance. For fun, try it with your 9-year-old daughter and see who wins! And, don’t forget about your hamstrings – muscle balance is key.
  2. Core strength: Skiing requires more than just Jane Fonda’s 8-minute abs. You need to focus on core power as well as core strength. We recommend more dynamic movement like tossing around a 4-6 lb. medicine ball with a friend or hanging from the pull-up bar and doing some leg ups. The bottom line is to be creative enough with your exercises to fatigue at 6-10 reps with 3 sets.
  3. Anaerobic endurance requires interval training: Most skiers never ski for more than a minute per run, so these exercises are designed to push your limits for 45-90 seconds at a high interval. Be creative. For example, move for 45 seconds around trees in the park, do burpee’s for a minute, run up a set of stairs sideways for 45 seconds or make an obstacle course in your backyard. Train outside in the chilly air, think outside the box and have fun… after all, you’re a skier!

If you would like more advice preparing for the skiing season, or find a place in Park City before the skiing season is completely upon us, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 435.640.5660 or info@teamschlopy.com. We want to make sure you have the best skiing season this year.