Finding a Real Estate buyer’s agent.

We know that finding an Extraordinary Buyer’s Agent is hard. There is hope in finding an extraordinary Buyer’s Agent. We are here to help.

Homework Assignment

I have provided a to-do list for you to the first steps in finding a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent.

    Your Homework Assignment

  1. Write down your “Must Haves.”
  2. Choose your Top Five “Must Haves.”
  3. Give top five to Potential Buyer’s Agents

Easy. Now for the interviews.

Three questions we should ask our Potential Real Estate Buyer’s Agent.

“According to my must haves, which neighborhood would best fit my needs?”
If this agent is able to give you a clear crisp answer of where your must have, and what neighborhood fits those needs, or even a couple of properties to fit your needs, this will help you know if this is an extraordinary agent or not.

There are two reasons of why this will help you know if they’re an extraordinary agent. First of all, they’re going to know the market because they’ve done their research. The second thing is they’re also going to know the neighborhoods. It is always ideal to move into a neighborhood that fits your “Must Haves.”

Are you a part-time or a full-time agent?
Part-time agents are not necessarily bad agents it’s that they’re not going to be able to work with your schedule, you’re going to have to work for their schedule. It’s like you’re paying them for you working with them rather than them working with you. That’s not something that we probably want. However, with a full-time agent, they’re going to be able to work with your schedule. They’re going to be more accommodating. They’re going to be able to be there when you need them to be there. That will help you in your search of finding these extraordinary buyer’s agents.

Do you work within a team?

We have some great, extraordinary, agents that work by themselves, which is fantastic, however if it’s just them it’s going to be a lot harder because they have obviously other clients to work with, as well as if they go on vacation and a property comes onto the market that you know is going to be there less than a week, and they’re on vacation, what’s going to happen is you’re going to miss that opportunity. Working with a team will help you with this continuous flow where they’re not going to be able to skip a beat, they’re going to be able to work well with you so that you can always feel like they’re communicating with you, they’re making sure that you’re okay, and as a team will be able to help you with that.

I hope that this has helped you in your search for an extraordinary buyer’s agent.