If anybody ever asks me from the buyer side if they should get pre-approved the answer’s easy, it’s yes. For a number of different reasons, but number one it’s free. You can go see any lender you want. They’ll sit down, they’ll go through your finances and they’ll give you a price point. Number two it is really important because it establishes a price range that’s realistic for you as a buyer. Nothing worse than going to look at homes price range here and then you go to the lender and they say, “You have to start looking here at a lower price point.” That can be frustrating for the buyer. Number three, it emotionally prepares you for the purchase of your home. Which can be the biggest purchase in an individual’s life, that’s a big deal. Number four helps us as agents represent the buyer. If we’re looking at homes and a buyer finds a home they fall in love with and they’re pre-approved we can spring into action. It makes the offer much stronger and it just brings a lot to the table. The answer is if you’re wondering if you should get pre-approved, it is 100% yes from Team Schlopy.

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