Hi. I’m Erik Schlopy from Team Schlopy Real Estate, and I want to talk to you guys today about an issue that’s come up with us in the last couple of months, and it actually has to do with property boundaries. As real estate agents, Utah law prohibits realtors from giving potential buyers exact lines of where the property boundaries are, and it’s not that we’re holding anything back. It’s just we’re not allowed to give exact boundaries, but the good news is that the solution is easy.

A surveyor, for a very reasonable cost, can go out and survey the property, tell you exactly where the property boundaries are, and we recommend doing this. If you’re buying a piece of land and you’re going to build on it, 100% recommendation to go out and do that. Now, if you’re buying in a development and you have a house, it’s already built there, and you’ve got a yard, and there’s a fence on it, but you still want to know. Again, it’s a relatively low cost for a surveyor to go out there. It gives you peace of mind, and it allows the transaction to go smoothly. You end up being a happy client, and that makes us happy for you guys as well.