Before your Home Inspection, Cleaning is a must.

We wanted to give sellers out there a tip today. One thing that’s really important as a seller is to have your home ready for buyers during their last inspection before due diligence is up. When the buyers come through the home the first time, whether it’s an open house or with their agent, they feel very comfortable and everything is looking perfect. That’s why they feel like they’ve found the right home.

If you know they’re going to do a walkthrough, you want to come into the house the day or two before. Make sure everything is put back perfectly. The wind blows. The outdoor furniture just doesn’t look welcoming. There’s dust on the counters because it’s been sitting for a week or two. Same thing. You want to make sure you do a walkthrough, get everything tidied up and looking just like as it did during an open house, or as you were showing it on a daily basis. That way when the buyers come through their last time before due diligence is up, they’ll feel comfortable. They’ll know that they made the right choice, and it’ll give you as the seller the best chance at getting to the finish line selling your home and moving on.

We hope this helps for when your house is under contract.