actung-everyone-check-your-bindingsIt’s a little like the guy who drives off the used car lot with no insurance – two blocks down the road and he’s wrapped his new purchase around a light pole. Seriously, I had a friend do this with a brand new waterski boat on I-70 in Denver! His prized new Mastercraft went sailing off the trailer at 60 miles per hour! So what does this have to do with skiing?

Every year when the snow begins to fly, we get excited and can’t wait to make our first ski runs. We pull everyone’s skis out of the garage or basement where they’ve sat dormant for 6 or 7 months. The skis and bindings are dusty, full of spiders and there’s probably even a little rust on the edges. Just like my friend who thought, “I can easily make it to my house 5 miles away”. The majority of skiers never think to check their bindings.

Strange things happen to products that aren’t used for long periods of time. Bindings today are well made and contain lubrication inside that ensures proper function. However, over time and under certain conditions, all lubrication can dry and become less effective. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that you take everyone’s skis into a certified ski shop to re-adjust the bindings prior to skiing for the first time. It’s even more important for your kids because they can grow so quickly over the summer months that little Johnny is not so little anymore. Failing to have your kid’s bindings checked is as dangerous as letting them ride to the ski area on top of your car.

Do yourself a favor – get the cheapest insurance on the market – get your bindings checked before you ski each season!