A Flight of Craft Beer

A change has taken over not just Park City, but in all of Utah. Just recently, it was hard to find a good drink in the state. Liquor laws are still in place, but it has relaxed enough to create some room for the state’s creative brewers and distilleries to develop great craft beer and brews.

To celebrate, we rounded up the best breweries in Park City. Order a glass of your preferred beer and let’s have a toast!

  1. Wasatch Brew Pub
    250 Main St, Park City, UT

    Established in 1986, Wasatch Brew Pub has a solid presence in both Park City and Salt Lake City. This is one of the very first craft breweries in the country and the first in the state!

    Wasatch offers a wide range of brews, from their Belgian white ale called White Label to seasonal offerings such as Pumpkin ale. Check out their offerings here.

  2. Park City Brewery
    2720 Rasmussen Road, Suite A1, Park City, UT

    Park City Brewery prides itself for its seven on-tap brews that encapsulate the mountain life and the great outdoors.

    Their “Peak Series” consists of three brews (India Pale Ale, Imperial Pilsner, American Pale Ale) full of intense flavor, while the “Session Series” (Breaking Trail Pale Ale, Last Pitch Session IPA, Hooker Blonde Ale, Boogie Water Brown) were all brewed and packaged so it can be enjoyed out in nature. Read more about Park City Brewery’s beers here.

  3. High West Distillery
    703 Park Ave, Park City, UT

    High West Distillery opened in 2007 at the behest of David Perkins, who moved to Park City with his family in 2004. Today, High West is pouring award-winning brews from their taps.

    Their aged whiskey blends range from their signature American Prairie Bourbon to Campfire, an unusual whiskey borne out of a blend of rye, scotch, and bourbon. Adding to High West’s classics are limited release offerings, such as A Midwinter Night’s Dram, a rye whiskey finished in French oak and port barrels. Find the full range of High West Distillery’s products here.

  4. Squatters Roadhouse Grill
    1900 Park Ave, Park City, UT

    Tourists and locals alike not only venture to Squatters Roadhouse Grill for heartwarming American fare (their brunch serve is killer!) Some head to this joint at Park Avenue to have a taste of Squatters’ craft beers.

    While these brews might come all the way from Salt Lake City, they nonetheless do their job, and very well for that matter. Here in the Roadhouse Grill, guests can try out the Full Suspension Ale and Provo Girl Pilsner, among other beers. Read more about Squatters’ craft beers here.

  5. Red Rock Brewing
    Newpark Town Center 1640 Redstone Center Dr, Park City, UT

    Another brewery from Salt Lake City, Red Rock Brewing has made its presence known in Park City through its award-winning craft beer, served alongside good food.

    Their brews range from their “Draft Classics,” which contain less than 5% ABV, the “Fine Line,” which are described to be “bigger and bolder,” and the “Artist Palette,” which stretch the limits of what craft beer can be. You can read more about these offerings here.

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