Make your home office shine with these interior design tips

Being able to create a home office exactly the way you want it is one of the benefits of working from home. You’ll have full control over how things look, with no one to tell you otherwise.

Even so, you need to make sure that your home office design choices are smart, stylish and, most importantly, conducive to your productivity. Here are five of the best home office design tips to implement.

Find a private, quiet space

A well-placed home office is essential to your being able to achieve your daily work targets. That’s why careful thought must go into selecting its location. A spare room is ideal: you can work in a dedicated space and shut the door behind you to prevent non-work-related distractions. Similarly, at the end of your workday, you can more easily “leave your work behind”. Do you plan to hold meetings with clients in your home office? If so, you should plan for a location near the front door for the sake of convenience.

Allow plenty of natural light

Natural light improves productivity. A brightly lit space can help reduce eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness. You should ideally have at least one window in your office space that will allow the sun to stream into the room. If you can’t soak up the sun’s rays, use full-spectrum light bulbs that mimic the effects of natural light to light your home office.

Don’t skimp on your chair

You’ll likely spend a lot of time sitting in your home office, especially if you do most of your work on a computer. Given the long hours at your desk, you would do well to ensure your chair isn’t just comfortable but also promotes a straight spine and provides adequate lumbar support. Depending on your type of work, you may also need a chair that swivels, rolls, and comes with multiple adjustable features to help you find the most suitable working position.

Have plenty of organized storage space

Science may say a messy desk is a sign of intelligence and creativity, but a disorganized workspace leads to misplaced documents and increased stress, not to mention lost productivity. Save yourself from all the trouble that a messy desk can cause by making sure your office has adequate organizational and storage space. Paper trays, filing cabinets, desktop organizers, waste baskets — these office essentials not only allow you to enjoy a clutter-free workspace, they also tell clients, guests, and visitors that you mean business.

Always think of what your home office says about you

Your customers will judge your business from the appearance of your office. That should be reason enough to keep it neat and clean. Even if you’re not one to entertain your clients at home, you find that pleasing aesthetics and good office design promotes efficiency and precision at work. If you constantly feel stressed or distracted, your messy office’s vibe could be the culprit. There’s no need to be a total neat freak, just make sure the atmosphere inspires you to do the work that you need to do.

Looking for a new home with a home office that suits your lifestyle and preferences? Team Schlopy, the local market experts, can help in this regard. Feel free to call the team at (435) 640-5660 or email info@teamschlopy.com today to connect with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

What Will Homes Look Like In A Post-pandemic World?

A lot has changed in just a few months, and for many that include the idea of what a ‘dream home’ looks like. Not long ago, buyers were showing preference toward smaller homes and open concept spaces conducive to gathering. After a few months cooped up inside, those features don’t seem so appealing – and developers have taken note.

“While the coronavirus still rages on, it’s hard to predict what post-pandemic abodes might look like,” according to Barrons. “Yet, developers around the U.S. are already rethinking projects, anticipating residents’ needs and preferences that Covid-19 would spur. In doing so, they are re-evaluating current in-unit aesthetics and in-demand amenities.”

Dedicated Home Office Space

Here are just a few areas of home design where trends may shift in the coming years:

Home size
Homes had been trending smaller, but that may be over. With so many families spending (way) more time around the home lately, there’s never been more need for personal space. Expect homes to grow in size accordingly.

Prioritizing the home office
As more and more businesses relax work-from-home policies or shift to full-time remote work entirely, the home office will become a near-essential for many buyers. A space that was once an after-thought now will need to offer privacy, good lighting, and be pre-wired for telecommuting.

Return to the closed-floor plan
For some buyers, the appeal of the open floor plan was already trending down prior to 2020, and the past few months have only made the reasons why more evident. Sharing more time and space at home demands privacy for schoolwork, hobbies, and entertainment. With more meals being cooked at home, an open concept kitchen becomes noisy epicenter practically all day long. Builders expect a rise in demand for closed floor plans, where rooms are partitioned for purpose.

Smart technology
This is already one of the fastest-growing trends in home design, but smart home technology will soon move from a ‘plus’ to a ‘must’. Temperature and lighting control can now be voice or motion-activated. Touchless faucets, once thought superfluous, are now an inexpensive and health-conscious upgrade. Systems that filter air and monitor air quality will become more common and affordable.

The Hot Trend of the Summer: Stock Tank Pools

For many of us, summer means pool time. But if you usually visit a community pool or recreation center, that might not be an option right now. Building a traditional pool at your home is a big and expensive project. That’s where the stock tank pool comes in.

“These inexpensive farm staples were originally designed as water troughs for livestock,” said Country Living “but that’s part of their country-chic appeal. Nowadays, stock tank swimming pools have been popping up in backyards across the country.”

Here’s how to make a splash with a stock tank pool in your own backyard.

Pick your size
Round stock tanks come in 10ft, 8ft, and 6ft diameters. As popularity has grown, the larger sizes have become more challenging to secure. There are also oval options, but they don’t necessarily provide the same kind of swimming experience.

Pick your spot
Where you’re going to put your stock tank pool is just as important as the pool itself. Without a level foundation, you’ll have leaks. “Job one is obviously selecting the site for your stock tank pool. You’ll need to prepare the area by creating a solid, level base,” said Tractor Supply. “You could use compacted sand, or even crushed granite. But, it’s very important to ensure that it’s a smooth surface, free of any rocks or sharp edges.”

Add your accessories and by accessories, we mean design and function.

Function first. A stock tank pool isn’t as easy to set up as a kiddie pool. You could just fill it with water and call it a day, but you’ll end up swimming in gunk. Take a cue (and detailed instructions) from the Hey Wanderer blog, and keep your pool clean all summer long with proper pumps and chlorine.

Once you’ve got your stock tank set up, it’s time to make it fancy. While the tank alone has its own distinct vibe, it can be dressed up in any number of ways. Paint the metal, build deck seating around it, hang lights, and incorporate tikis to create a tropical getaway feel—the sky’s the limit!

The Scoop with Team Schlopy – Episode 40

If you desire graceful living among beautiful surrounds you must see this home. The open floor plan of the main level allows you easy entertaining and main level living. The kitchen is warm and welcoming with something good on the stove. It’s the room where your family will head for when they come home. Enjoy cool summer evenings relaxing on your deck that overlooks picturebook setting of the lake and ski resorts. Downstairs you are greeted by additional spaces for the family to spread out and allows you for privacy and flexibility. Lake front living offers you endless fun on paddle boards, kayaks and fishing in the summer and ice skating in the winter. This home is ideally located within minutes from skiing, shopping, restaurants and schools. Best of all…it can be yours! Learn more at https://search.teamschlopy.com/homedetails/44842537-4839-silver-springs-drive-park-city-ut-84098

The Scoop with Team Schlopy – Episode 39

2785 Daybreaker Drive, Park City, UT 84098

5 Beds | 4 Baths | 0.37 Acres | 4,743 SQFT

Step inside to elegance as the gracious foyer leads you to sophisticated living areas in this completely renovated home. An expansive living room, framed by large windows, provides soul-filling views of the ski resorts, mountains, and Olympic Park while the intimate dining room is designed for lavish entertaining. Experience the joy of cooking in the fully-equipped kitchen with top of the line appliances, built-in china cabinet, reverse osmosis, and an oversized appliance garage. There’s no telling what you’ll cook up in your dream kitchen. Your main level master is enhanced with a garden tub, custom designed walk in closet, and access to the deck. The walkout lower level is flooded with light and includes multiple sleep and living areas. Watch the colors of the season’s change in your own 1/3 acre, tiered backyard. Gardened and shade trees are part of the beautiful setting and provide shady comfort for wildlife. Biking and hiking trails are only minute’s walk from the front door. This is the perfect setting to rest your legs or mind after a long day.

Learn more at search.teamschlopy.com/homedetails/44600515

Property Taxes and You!

Why do property taxes even exist?

Property taxes are actually a good thing. They’re a major source of revenue for local governments and are used to provide important local services such as emergency and police services. They’re used to improve and maintain your roads. Your tax dollars also go toward funding schools and libraries. All these are essential to life as we know it.

How property taxes are determined

Your property tax is typically calculated as an annual percentage of either the fair market value or the assessed value of your property, multiplied by your local government’s tax rate.

If your home has an assessed value of, say, $100,000, and the tax rate in your area is 0.75%, your property tax bill will come out to $750 per year—or a monthly installment of $62.50 that’s tacked onto your mortgage payment.

An easy way to pay property taxes

Possibly the easiest way to pay your property taxes is to add the monthly amount to your mortgage payment.  Your lender can set this up for you when you buy your house. Your tax money goes into an escrow account that you pay the government out of when your taxes come due.

Your property tax exemptions

Property tax exemptions are essentially a tax break. Homeowners can claim property tax exemptions for their primary residence, or the house they’re living in full-time. You can’t claim this exemption for a rental property or a vacation home, however.

Veterans, people who are experiencing hardships, and the elderly are among those allowed exemptions, which can vary depending on where you live. Installing renewable energy systems in the home and refurbishing newly-bought older homes can also qualify you for an exemption.

What if you can’t pay your property taxes?

If you can’t afford to pay your property taxes, find out immediately if your lender has a program that can help you pay your taxes over time. Do not ignore your tax bill: Doing so can result in a lien on your property or even foreclosure.

If you’re strapped for cash, you can borrow against your home equity or tap your friends or relatives for a loan. You can opt to refinance your home to pay your taxes. Or you could, as a last resort, consult with a bankruptcy attorney to get your home sold fast rather than lose it in foreclosure.

If you’ve inherited a home with sizable property taxes, look into programs to assist you in paying your taxes.

Need a clearer picture of how property taxes affect your monthly mortgage payments? Get all the info you need from local experts who know this community best. Call Team Schlopy at (435) 640-5660 or email info@teamschlopy.com to learn more.

Increasing your home’s value need not be expensive!

Planning to put your home on the market? If so, it’s very likely that you’re gunning for top dollar. Making more money from the sale of your home, however, often requires that you shell out some cash to make a few updates that can boost its value. Luckily, you don’t need to shell out a fortune as there are lots of inexpensive ways to quickly bolster your home’s value. Here are 4 money-saving tips to consider:

Put on some fresh paint

Want to freshen up your home fast without breaking the bank? A new paint job can add huge value and won’t cost very much. Besides hiding age and other minor flaws, paint can really brighten up the home and bring it back to life.

Try to stick to neutral colors that are likely to appeal to a greater audience. You don’t have to paint the entire house—just concentrate on the rooms that buyers often deem as the most important, such as the master bedroom, the foyer, living room, and kitchen. A fresh paintjob in the bathrooms will also likely go over well too.

Let there be light!

Dated or poor lighting in the home can make your indoor spaces look sad and dreary. Give your home a little lift and chase the darkness away with modern lighting. Bright and cheerful lighting will make the room come alive and can give buyers a favorable impression of your home.

Be sure not to overlook lights outside your home: According to the National Association of Home Builders’ “What Home Buyers Really Want” survey, roughly 41% of homebuyers consider outdoor lighting essential. Keeping your porch lights on doesn’t just have aesthetic benefits, it can be a deterrent for unwelcome “guests” who can threaten your home’s security.

Care for your lawn 

An unkempt garden won’t earn you any brownie points. When potential homebuyers come over to check out your home, a yard that’s overgrown with weeds will be a major turn-off. Clean and spruce up your landscaping further by buying a few healthy plants and planting them strategically in the yard, or place them around the home. It’s best you buy plants that require minimal upkeep, preferably those that are native to your area.

If you keep your hedges regularly trimmed, cut the grass short, and get rid of low-hanging or dead branches, you’ll find it relatively easy to reap better monetary rewards from your home’s sale. Basic lawn maintenance that will typically run you to some $300 can generate a return of 303% or $1,000, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors.

Change your front door

One of the simplest and quickest ways to spruce up your home and make a great first impression is by changing your front door. An inviting front door says “welcome” in the nicest of ways and impacts significantly on your home’s overall appeal. A new coat of paint can do the trick, but if you do decide to spring for a total door replacement, you’ll find it well worth the expense. You can recover as much as 75% of your cost when you sell your home

Get the best offers and the quickest sale for your home in Park City. Let the local real estate experts of Team Schlopy show you how it’s done. Call (435) 640-5660 or email info@teamschlopy.com for more information.

The New Normal: What to expect from the home buying process in a post-COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 situation has certainly changed the way the world of commerce operates. With the risk of infection ever-present, business entities are compelled to implement safety, sanitation, and social distancing protocols in an attempt to delay if not stop the spread of the disease.

The real estate industry is certainly not immune to the need for these precautionary measures. With many stages of the home buying process relying on face-to-face interactions, such protocols must not only be a prerequisite in real estate transactions, but a principle that everyone has to live by. With this in mind, here are some of the changes to expect in the home buying process.

Online mortgage approvals

The number of lenders allowing for the entire mortgage process to be done online has grown exponentially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Basically, all that’s required to get your mortgage approved is to visit a lender’s website, create an account, and provide credit and financial information. Soon enough, your loan application will be assessed and once it’s closed, you can take the next steps towards owning a new home. Of course, care and attention must be observed so you don’t miss a detail and make mistakes you’ll regret. Don’t hesitate to consult a mortgage expert with your application.

Virtual tours

With a virtual tour, a real estate agent will walk you through the home using live video, so you can view features and have your questions answered in real time, just as they would be if you were physically onsite. An agent will connect with you via video conferencing tools like Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Skype, or WhatsApp and show you around, guiding you every step of the way. You get the same personalized customer attention as you’d usually expect from your agent, with absolutely zero risk to your health and safety.

Over-the-air transactions

Video conferencing tools will increasingly be used to conduct real estate business. Expect to handle negotiations, draft discussions, and resolve buyer/seller issues online. This way, each party can enjoy the convenience of conducting a real estate transaction without leaving the comfort of their own home. Real estate agents can facilitate these over-the-air transactions between the parties involved to ensure that the talks proceed smoothly and amicably.


In every real estate transaction, paperwork will need to be completed, documents signed, and deals sealed with a handshake. As you can imagine, it’s possible for disease transmission to occur under any of these circumstances — thus the need to conduct business remotely. With electronic signatures, otherwise known as e-sign, the issue of securing ‘wet ink’ signatures on documents in the era of social distancing can be overcome. Using e-sign apps such as HelloSign, PandaDoc, AdobeSign, and SignEasy can be used to efficiently complete documents that require your signature, anytime, anywhere.

By-appointment only viewings

A lot of open houses were cancelled when lockdown measures were announced. Now that the State of Utah is in the so-called ‘yellow phase’ and restrictions have been lifted somewhat in Summit County, real estate agents are still forgoing open houses in favor of by-appointment only showings. This way, physical distancing as well as the touching of surfaces can be better monitored. Homes can also be properly disinfected before the arrival of each guest.

Want to know more about how you can buy a home safely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Contact Team Schlopy, the #1 Real Estate Team at Coldwell Banker, at (435) 640-5660 or info@teamschlopy.com.

The Scoop with Team Schlopy – Episode 37

Marny discusses the Covid19 pandemic and its effect on daily realtor life for Team Schlopy! We have had lots of buyers from across the nation visit Park City and have had numerous lots put under contract.

Cross-Country Skiing Is Your Adrenaline Fix in Park City

Welcome to Winter’s Favorite Town, Park City, Utah. It is the place to be for recreation year-round, but winter in Park City offers many diverse forms of recreation.

Park City sports a variety of shops, museums, galleries and over 150 restaurants, And sports, probably the most popular being cross-country skiing.

A great way to battle the winter blues and improve the body and mind, cross-country “provides whole body activation, excellent neurological benefits from repetitive movements that require careful coordination, and multiple psychological benefits, including empowering people to break free from winter isolation,” Dr. Paul Anderson, a preventative medicine expert at The Mayo Clinic.


Basic ski packages, including boots, skis, poles, and bindings can be purchased for as little as $250.00. Depending on the skis, wax may be required and a helmet may be something that a beginner wants to look into purchasing. Most resorts and parks also rent equipment for a daily price of about $15.00.

Before heading out for the adventure there are some items those who want to reap the benefits of cross-country skiing need to make sure they have on hand:

  • A good jacket offering wind resistance, moisture-wicking properties, and when colder a waterproof jacket.
  • Wind resistant pants made of breathable material
  • A light hat and gloves
  • Breathable wool socks
  • Sunglasses or goggles
  • And sunscreen
  • Water


Park City provides novice skiers as well as expert athletes, several areas to produce a great aerobic skiing workout, train for an upcoming event or just enjoy a calm day with the dog going down the trails.

Soldier Hollow Cross-Country Skiing Resort is one of the top 12 cross-country ski destinations according to theClymb.com. Trails and training tracks designed for all levels of expertise in the sport make it one of the best destinations for cross-country in the US. Almost 50 miles of maintained and tracked trails, Fodors also counts it as one of the top 10 most scenic journeys to take on skis.

US Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Demong, designed an amazing track to utilize the golf and country club at Jeremy Ranch Nordic Center. Basin Recreation connects the Olympic Park with Willow Creek Park. Or for a more demanding workout, Round Valley offers rolling hills and steep treks.

There are over 70 miles of other tracks, spanning several parks and recreation areas. Many areas are free to use and many offer amenities such as equipment rental, instruction, and guides. And for those looking for a more primitive adventure, the Uinta Mountains and the Rockies are only a stone’s throw away.

Cross-country is not the downhill rush of a slope, but it is the natural adrenaline fix that can be found all around Park City. Get closer to the action by purchasing your ideal home in the area. Team Schlopy has the best experience needed to close on your dream home for the right price. Contact us on  (435) 640-5660 or send an email to info@teamschlopy.com.

The Scoop with Team Schlopy – Episode 36

Welcome to another episode of The Scoop. This week Lana discusses the Park City real estate market and our latest methods of protecting ourselves and our real estate clients during the pandemic.
Fighting Dust Allergies

Fighting Dust Allergies

Did you know allergy symptoms can actually worsen after cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting? It seems like dusting and vacuuming should improve your allergy problem, but often these activities can exacerbate the issue. In other words, the time you’re spending trying to make your allergies better can actually make them worse. The cleaning process causes dust particles to surface, making them easier to inhale.

Dust can be found in all locations of the home. Keeping the dust build-up to a minimum, especially if you’re affected by allergies, can improve your overall quality of life. There are many ways dust can be controlled. Decluttering, changing air filters, improving pet care practices and changing pillows are all examples of ways you can control dust in your home.

Overall, you may find controlling dust requires a change in lifestyle and behaviors at home. By changing the way you clean, the type of bedding you use, the way you interact with your pets and other lifestyle factors, you can reduce the amount of dust in your home.

Click here to view this article which discusses the most effective methods for eliminating dust. You’ll also learn where you can find the most dust in your home and how to reduce your dust allergies.

Have a Spare Moment? Here Are Some Easy Home Projects to Fill It

Spending the vast majority of your time at home lately certainly hasn’t been anyone’s idea of a good time. However, if home is where you still need to be most of the time, it pays to channel your time, money, and energy into making it a place that you love. Especially if you plan to sell your home in the near future. Looking for ideas? You’ll find them below.

Reimagine Your space

One of the very first things you can do to improve your living conditions is to look at your home for what it could be, not for what it is. Consider leveraging the expertise of an interior designer, which can help bring your vision for the perfect home to life. You may find that new furniture and accessories are all you need to give your living space a new life.

Update the Kitchen

A full-scale kitchen remodel is not a do-it-yourself endeavor. However, there are plenty of ways you can revitalize a tired kitchen without having a contractor on retainer. Simple steps, such as painting or adding a freestanding cabinet, can change its look and feel. The best part of these types of upgrades is that you can handle them in a single afternoon so you can enjoy your work the next day. You may also consider swapping out the hardware or coloring the tile grout to give your floors a new look without a high price tag.

Make Your Outdoor Space Fun

If you have kids, particularly very active ones, then you’ll benefit greatly from having an exceptional outdoor space. Depending on where you live, you may have room to do anything from building an in-ground trampoline to creating your children’s very own personal play yard. And although time-consuming, building an outdoor patio is not complicated, and you can get the job done in a long afternoon or two if you gather your materials and dive into the project.

Add Crown Molding the Easy Way

If you’ve ever tried to install crown molding, you already know that this takes skill. But, fortunately, there are now available many DIY options that don’t even require tools, although the peel-and-stick options may not be suitable for long-term use.

Install a Stair Runner

If your home has a staircase, you may have noticed that it’s a rather boring part of the decor. It does not have to be, however. Installing a stair runner is not difficult, and the Young House Love blog asserts that you can give your entire staircase a makeover in about 20 hours, which translates to around two or three days focused on the job.

Plant a Flower Garden

Looking back at the outdoors, a flower garden can add visual appeal and give you something to care for through the summer. Garden Design asserts that you must be familiar with your site, soil, flowers, and frost cycle before you begin. Keep in mind when designing your new garden that you do not have to stick with flowers of the same height and color, and you are only limited by your imagination and what will grow in your climate.

Need Motivation?

If you’re inclined to make updates but can’t seem to motivate yourself, considering a future sale could be the impetus you need to tackle the easier projects now. If you take a look at local listings, for example, you can see the average sale price (like $1.37M in Park City!), and the higher the price for comparable homes, the easier it could be to make a tidy profit. So don’t let a lack of motivation stop you from giving your home some extra TLC to boost a sale down the road.

Spending more time at home isn’t ideal, but renovating your space is. From kitchen updates and planting a flower garden to adding an in-ground trampoline and redesigning room by room, the above ideas can help you make your space a place you want to be. And put you on track for a quick sale when it’s time to move on.

Image via Pexels

Snowbiking and Park City, Utah

If you’re up for a snowbiking adventure, then the over 400 miles of meticulously groomed mountain bike trails in Park City will be right up your alley.

Appropriate clothing and gear

Before embarking on your ride, you will need to make sure that you’re properly equipped with the right clothing and accessories to keep you well and truly protected. First and foremost, bear in mind that while your exertion can make you work up a sweat, cotton clothing may not be your most suitable choice. Clothing made of moisture-wicking synthetic materials that can better regulate your temperature is best. We recommend the following:

  • FOOTWEAR. Snowy conditions can leave you vulnerable to the cold and wet. Pick out sturdy hiking shoes that are water resistant to keep your feet dry and properly protected. Pair your boots with wool or moisture-wicking synthetic socks to keep your tootsies warm.


  • JACKET. Your jacket must similarly have a synthetic inner layer that can wick moisture from your skin. Go with a water resistant and breathable outer material to protect you from both the wind and wet conditions.


  • PANTS. While snow pants may seem a good idea, they aren’t ideal for movement while you’re biking. Wear more light-weight wind- and water-resistant pants like those used for cross-country skiing instead.


  • BEANY. For an extra layer of warmth underneath your helmet, wear a beanie. It’ll help keep your ears from freezing with cold.


  • GLOVES. To ensure you are able to sufficiently maintain the finger dexterity you need to bike safely, wear an appropriate pair of mid- to light-weight gloves.


Where to Ride

Up and raring to go? Here are two of the more popular trails in Park City that we recommend you explore on your fat-tire bike. Be sure to check the most current winter trail conditions on your map before heading out.

Round Valley

Enjoy a fantastic winter bike ride in Round Valley in Park City, Utah. Take in the amazing views of snow-capped peaks as you traverse through an entire network of interconnected trails.

The Nordic trail boasts access from several trailheads: the highly popular Quinn’s Junction, as well as Highland and Round Valley Way. Covering approximately 25K, the Nordic trail gets groomed daily when conditions are favorable.

Fat-tire biking enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy this robust system of single-track trails. Each of the winter trails offers something unique: There are gently undulating slopes as well as more challenging climbs and descents that are sure keep everyone happy. Loops of varying lengths are also easily accessed. Groomed fat-bike routes are clearly marked on the map.

Historic Rail Trail

The historic rail trail first opened to the public as a State Park in 1992. Located near Park City, the trail starts at an elevation of 6,900’ and falls to 5,280’ over the course of 27.7 miles. In the winter, a six-mile portion of this trail that connects Park City to the Round Valley trail system is groomed for biking enthusiasts. The winter trail starts at the White Pine Touring Center.

Discover an exciting variety of other activities and experiences the Park City lifestyle has to offer. Let the local real estate experts at Team Schlopy be your ultimate guide to this gorgeous location. Call (435) 640-5660 or email info@teamschlopy.com today for more information

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