Park City Insights for January 2020 from Team Schlopy

An Insider’s Guide to Park City Winter

An Insider’s Guide to Park City Winter is prime time at Utah’s most popular ski town. To track down the coolest diversions, listen to the locals!

Not alone The fresh mountain air that makes Park City so refreshing. Unlike other magnetic ski cities, it does not take itself too seriously. Even when the snow season is in full swing and tourists outnumber residents, Park City still has a cozy little town atmosphere, thanks in part to free public transportation, including the picturesque Main Street Trolley and a bus fleet Zero emission electric From Main Street, an elevator in the city takes skiers to the Wasatch peaks, turning the entire city into a de facto ski base. At street level, brewers and distillers have come in the wake of Utah’s recently relaxed liquor laws. But Park City is beginning to lean toward luxury, with the recent addition of the Lodge at Blue Sky, an Auberge Resort; Next year, residences will open in Golderner Hirsch, which promise a modern touch in a classic cabin. For a cheat sheet for the funniest amusements, both indoors and outdoors, we asked four locals to share their favorite places.

Snow days in Park City

Skiing is not the only reason to visit Park City in winter. This is where to stay, dine, shop and do yoga at a hot spring

Washington School House Hotel, built as a school in 1889 and now a luxury hotel with 12 rooms.

Joshua Tug Ferguson for The Wall Street Journal

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Director, Sundance Film Festival

MISCELLANEOUS VARIETIES / Blind dog: They have a raw bar and also amazing sushi, but sometimes they also have huge western pork chops, which I love. 1251 Kearns Blvd., blinddogpc.com


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SMOKE SHOW / High West Distillery: I am not a great whiskey drinker, but I love his campfire, which is a mixture of whiskey, whiskey and rye. It is very smoking. I usually have it with french fries. 703 Park Ave., highwest.com

NODIC NÓDDICO / We, the Norwegians: I just bought a big sweater here that has a “ski team look of the 60s”. Because although I don’t ski, I want to look like me. 675 Main St., wenorwegians.us

MASTER TOASTER / Harvest: I come here for breakfast. Avocado toast is terribly fashionable right now, but theirs (crushed avocado with sourdough) is excellent and they use excellent bread. 820 Park Ave., harvestparkcity.com

THE COWBOY: Jake Quarnberg

Cattleman and sales manager of the Burns Cowboy family store

MAIN MASSAGE / Aura Spa: It is right on the historic main street, and the Park City ski area is only one mile away. You can leave the children skiing and then go to the spa. 405 Main St., auraspaforthespirit.com

ZIP IT / Under Armor: They make the perfect clothes for Park City. I have four or five of your zip jerseys. I combine them with jeans and my cowboy boots and my hat. 6699 N. Landmark Dr., underarmour.com/ut/park-city

HIDE AND SEARCH / Elegant Interiors: We have some of your seats inside our store. Everything is made of leather, and we love good quality leather goods. It is in our blood. 364 Main St., eleganteinteriors.com

STEAK OUT / Chimayo: Their food is southwest style, and their moose steak especially is really good. His ribs are also among my favorite things. 368 Main St., chimayorestaurant.com

Iron Canyon Trail

Photo:Joshua Tug Ferguson for The Wall Street Journal

THE SKIER: Megan McJames

American Alpine skier and three times Olympic

COOKIE CRAVINGS / Deer Valley Grocery Cafe: Ideal for after skiing, this place has the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. You can also get coffee, hot chocolate, cakes and lunch. 2250 Deer Valley Dr. South, deervalley.com/things-to-do/dining/deer-valley-grocery-cafe

AN OPEN BOOK / Atticus Coffee and Teahouse: It is a cafeteria and a bookstore together. I love browsing through his poetry section and books about outdoor adventures. 738 Lower Main St., atticustea.com

I LOVE YOU / Olive & Tweed: This is a boutique clothing store and they also have beautiful jewelry. It is small, but they specialize in unique necklaces, earrings and rings. 608 Main St., oliveandtweed.com

DUST ROOM / Alta ski area: It’s about 40 miles from Park City, but it’s worth it. If you are looking for powder skiing or out of season, this is the best place to go. alta.com

THE RESTAURANT / Maggie Alvarez

Partner in Tupelo Park City

GREEN LIGHT / Twisted Fern: Chef / owner Adam Ross is a wizard when it comes to vegetarian dishes. At this moment there is a chickpea pancake with lots of beautiful vegetables on top. 1300 Snow Creek Dr., twistedfern.com

Moose on the loose / Iron Canyon Trail: This is one of my favorite local hiking trails. You end up with an incredible view of the city and generally you find a moose or two on the road. alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/iron-canyon-trail

The lobby of the Washington School House Hotel.

Photo:Joshua Tug Ferguson for The Wall Street Journal

CLASS LAW / Washington School House Hotel: This small hotel, in an old school, has a relatively modest exterior that hides the luxury inside. From $ 700 per night in winter, washingtonschoolhouse.com

PANADERO / Red Bicycle Breadworks: They make this olive oil bread called bread stick. Buy at least two because you are going to eat one in the car before you get home. 1500 Snow Dr., redbicyclebreadworks.com

Also, don’t miss out …

The Foxtrot cocktail in O.P. Rockwell.

Photo:Joshua Tug Ferguson for The Wall Street Journal

Park City Yoga Adventures: Take your dog down outdoors, with snowshoe excursions or yoga sessions on a paddle board at a hot spring.

Kimball Art Center: Part gallery, part event room and part educational center, this small but powerful community center is committed to making art accessible to all. 1401 Kearns Blvd, kimballartcenter.org

The spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge: In this luxury spa, treatments include “altitude relief” and “heels” massages on the mountain, in which mountain clay and hot stones are used on sore legs and feet. 7700 Stein Way, steinlodge.com/spa.html

O.P. Rockwell: The atmosphere here is the underground bar and the western lounge, the cocktails are strong and the acts of live music range from folk to rock and classical country. 268 Main St., oprockwell.com/

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2019 Team Schlopy Holiday Party

Thanks to our friends, family, and clients who came out to celebrate with us and Santa at our annual holiday party! It was one for the record books!

The Scoop with Team Schlopy – Episode 12

In this week’s Episode of The Scoop with Team Schlopy, Lana and Marny discuss what activities to do in Park City if your family are not skiers! Olympic Park, Park City History Museum, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, hot springs, ice castles, scenic train rides, shopping and dining, and etc!

The Scoop with Team Schlopy – Episode 11

In this Episode of The Scoop, Marny Schlopy and Lana Harris discuss Park City and its local developments and the naming of streets within. For the most part, developers have the privilege of naming new streets The name is submitted for review, at which point the public service departments, such as police, fire, and the post office, are given the opportunity to veto the name if they feel it creates any confusion. Most cities have guidelines and standards for certain areas that require street names to be of a specific theme.

Great reasons to invest in a prime Park City ski property

If you’re thinking about purchasing a vacation home in Park City, you’ve come to the right place. Buying a vacation home means you’re making one of only a few investments that offers both personal and financial benefits. And the best part about it is you don’t have to be a seasoned real estate expert to be successful.

Investing in a vacation home is a great way to build wealth, diversify your income, prepare for retirement, and of course – enjoy a nice vacation almost anytime you want without needing to look for accommodations.

Here are some reasons why investing in a vacation home in Park City is an excellent choice:

You can live in your home during off-peak season

A vacation home doesn’t have to be for vacations only – you get another place to live. To save some money, some vacation home owners live in their homes during the off season. And since Park City and other ski destinations still offer a myriad of activities during the warmer months, there’s always something for you and your family to enjoy.

In addition, many destinations that usually draw ski enthusiasts in the winter are now family-friendly places filled with activity during the summer as well. This means that even if there are subpar conditions for skiing in some months, there are still other activities you can enjoy. Park City is guaranteed to provide a near-endless amount of fun activities and places to visit no matter what season.

Your vacation home can help you save more money

Owning a vacation home in Park City is perfect for you if you already enjoy hitting the slopes every winter. If this is something you already do, then investing in a Park City vacation home makes perfect sense.

Once you take into account the money you spend for lodging during your ski trip and the potential income you can get if you decide to rent out your vacation home when you’re away, then investing in a vacation home is a no-brainer.

You can also consider permanently moving to your vacation home once you retire. This gives you a convenient living option once you approach your golden years, helping you feel more relaxed and worry-free about your future as you’ll already have a great place to call home in city that provides most, if not all, the comforts you’re looking for.

Excellent return on investment

Most vacation properties in Park City offer first-class features such as breathtaking mountain views, expansive living spaces, hot tubs, and more. As long as you keep your vacation home well-maintained and stay updated on what visitors are looking for in a home, you can improve your investment over the years.

Getting the services of a property management company to look after your home is a terrific way to ensure the home itself and everything in it is kept in tip-top condition even when you’re away.

Looking for the best Park City vacation homes available? Get in touch with Team Schlopy today at (435) 640-5660 or send an email to info@teamschlopy.com.

Enjoy a relaxing spa day in Park City, Utah!

Utah sits at an elevation of about 7,000 feet above sea level, with some of its resorts registering close to 10,000 feet at its highest points. Spending time at high altitude can be pretty harsh for the body, especially if you partake in snowboarding, skiing, and other fun activities in Park City.

Fortunately, Park City is known as Utah’s Spa Capital and is home to the best facilities in the state. You’ll find spas equipped with luxurious amenities and are run by accommodating, highly professional staff members.

Looking forward to a soothing day at the spa? Here are a few spas you should definitely check out in Park City:

Serenity Spa Westgate
Serenity Spa’s Royal Recovery Treatment is the best treatment for those looking to unwind and recover after a day at the slopes. The treatment includes five hours of anti-aging full body rejuvenation treatment, a vegan manicure and pedicure, a Transformational Facial, and lunch at the spa.

Oasis Spa
Cap off an intense day at the slopes with a Traditional Chinese Massage from Oasis Spa. This treatment is guaranteed to leave you restored, relaxed, and ready to hit the slopes once again.

The therapy focuses on traditional acupuncture techniques, targeting energy points and meridians that improve the flow of energy and blood throughout the body. It relieves pain and stress through therapeutic principles that stimulate the body, helping release more hormones, boost energy, regulate blood flow, and speed up muscle recovery.

RockResorts Spa
RockResorts Spa offers Ninety-Nine 90 Therapeutic Leg Recovery, a signature therapeutic experience specifically designed to relieve tired, heavy, sore muscles.

The therapy involves enveloping the lower legs in a cooling aromatic compress with targeted compressions, while using pressure point massage and different stretching techniques throughout the body. The treatment effectively eliminates water retention, reduces swelling, and regenerates your tired, overworked muscles.

Spa Montage
Indulge in an ultimate spa experience for two through Spa Montage’s Escape to Serenity Couples Treatment.

This signature massage starts with a rejuvenating mountain herbal soak in soothing copper tubs. Couples can enjoy a deeply relaxing floatation massage and scalp treatment, along with a hot oil massage followed by a shower rinse. The treatment concludes with reflexology and a heavenly warm foot bath, before a delicious lunch from the spa’s cuisine menu.

Stein Eriksen Lodge
The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge offers a specialty treatment called altitude relief, which is designed to relieve stress, sooth tired muscles and joints, and rejuvenate the entire body.

The treatment starts with a full body relaxation massage, incorporating aromatherapy oil to alleviate any symptoms of high altitude. An infrared blanket will then be wrapped around you to reduce toxins while the therapist performs a neck and scalp massage. The treatment concludes with a face massage that uses cold stones to alleviate sinus pressure and eliminate migraine symptoms.

Looking for the best Park City real estate options? Get in touch with Team Schlopy today at (435) 640-5660 or send an email to info@teamschlopy.com.

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